Ginett is a contemporary restaurant and wine bar in Singapore’s historic Arts District, opened on February 14th 2017. Situated at 200 Middle Road, Ginett is a go-to destination for guests looking for a relaxed yet buzzy escape. Hearty European favourites, superb French wines, quick and easy set lunches and high quality, affordable wines, are all part of Ginett’s wide-ranging offering, making it a memorable and accessible experience for everyone.

200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980

07:00am - 01:00am

07:00am - 01:00am

07:00am - 12:00pm

07:00am - 12:00pm

07:00am - 12:00pm

07:00am - 12:00pm

07:00am - 12:00pm

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

$18 2-Course Weekday Set Lunch

1. Weekday two-course Set Lunch at $18 including one starter and one main course, or one main course and one dessert 2. Available on weekdays, 11am–3pm

Reviews at Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

Reviews of good food at Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar
La Côte de Boeuf ($120, for two persons).

This weighs 1kg including the bones, and came with three types of dips - blue cheese, bearnaise or pepper.
The grill on the exterior is lovely, slightly crusty, with a perfect medium rare interior. Not as juicy as I wish it would, but this was decent. Slightly pricey, but the cheap wines made up for it. #steak #beef

Profiteroles (SGD $13) @ Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar.

These were good! The chewy choux pastry is light, while the vanilla cream is nicely sweet. Love it!.
Ginett Singapore
200 Middle Road

La Quenelle De Brochet Gratinée (SGD $28) @ Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar.

Uncommon rustic French dish. Poached pike dumpling, creamy with a delicate flavour, enveloped in egg. Nice springy texture.

Served over mushroom and chardonnay gratinée gravy. Love how the toasted breadcrumbs lend a contrasting crunch.
Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar
200 Middle Road

La Quenelle de Brotchet Gratinee ($28).

This is a traditional French dish, and my good friend @tiara_star described this really well, I couldn't have done better. Here's her review:
"Quenelle - a French rustic dish of a mixture of creamed fish/meat bound together lightly with egg and made into an egg-like shaped dumpling before poaching. Here, they use pike. 💫
The resulting texture is slightly spongy with a little spring when bitten into, like a most soft, slightly bouncy dumpling. Interesting, and I definitely took to this with the savouriness of the gratinee contrasted against the clean fish dumpling flavour, added with the crispness of breadcrumbs. The mushroom gratinee in almost-puree form provided that little touch of rich creaminess at the end.
Not commonly found, even among French restos here. Found this, and a weeknight full of fun banter and laughter with fellow foodies."

2 Course Set Lunch ($18): Potato Cream Soup, Beef Medallion

Wow. What amazing value! The potato soup was hearty and somehow not jelat, very soothing. This set also comes with a basket of free bread (a little hard) and good butter, more than enough to dunk into the soup. The beef medallion blew me away - at this price, one would not expect this generosity or execution. The place is so nice too, with very high ceilings and attentive service. Well worth dropping by for a lunch meeting if you're in the area!

A platter of profiteroles with huge dollop of vanilla ice cream in between.

To highlight original form before the meltdown and before the drizzling of the chocolate sauce. ◾◾
Behind the scenes, my foodie friends (in background) were busy snapping another dessert.
An evening with my favorite gang.

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Because I dont drink.

I can only take pic of friends clinking their glasses. The wine is Cuvee Splendied Sparkling.
Dinner and drinks with splendid foodie gang. Thanks for another awesome evening.

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A tangy lemon curd and meringue sitting nicely on a buttery tart shell.

The curd was zesty. Meringue so light, airy and soft ... almost fresh cream like. The amazing component was the thinnest and crisp buttery tart I have eaten so far. Surrounded by berries coulis that was a tad sweet. A well balance of flavors. 🔼🔼
Happy with the food and service. Will certainly go back for more.

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Drawn by the many glasses hanging down, I just had to check out this place.

So today I opted for the 2-course set lunch. Choice of salad or soup, mains and/or dessert. Of course, I went straight to mains... beef risotto versus seafood pasta. I am no big fan of risotto but it sounded yummy enough for me to order. Not any cut of beef but beef cheeks. Beef cheeks were cooked for 12 hours resulting it to be superbly tender and just melts in the mouth. Risotto cooked to perfection. Soft texture and had a nice creamy mouthfeel. Garnished with baby asparagus. The hidden surprise was the crispy crackling pork belly. ◾◽
What a perfect marriage!! Seasoning was just right for my sensory. Soft, tender, creamy and crispy textures all dancing in unison on my palate. A good invigorating and tantalising dish indeed!! Cost : $18 nett
Address : 200 Middle Road

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