[CLOSED] Glacier Frozen Yogurt Cafe (Orchard Gateway)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * At Glacier Frozen Yogurt Cafe, we know that our customers want a healthy and customized treat, and our promise is to give our customers exactly what they want! Using only filtered alkaline water in our frozen yogurt, we make sure our that every treat is packed full of minerals for an extra oomph! At Glacier Frozen Yogurt Cafe, we will also tantalize your taste buds with new sensations as we present to you a whole new taste of yogurt with an icy after taste. What is better than savoring on an icy cold dessert that brings even better health benefits with the use of high quality ingredients and water in all of our food preparation? Make Glacier Frozen Yogurt Cafe your destination today!


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A good mix of blueberries, strawberries, apple juice and frozen yoghurt, it's a super refreshing and tangy drink - a combination of sour and sweet! I actually prefer this over the yoghurt. Small cup but quite filling.


Sweet treats with the boy because I'm craving for froyo + can use my 1-for-1 #entertainerapp [Cookies & Cream Yogurt with Waffle Crisp topping] + [Earl Grey Yogurt with Watermelon] all these for S$5.30. The earl grey was a little disappointing in taste.

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I have chose a mixture of grapes and lychee yogurt ice cream with five toppings. Taste great and will come again to eat.

So here's froyo but not very wow. #burpple #tingzieeats @leenzsim

I picked the Mango yogurt of course, since mango is like my most favourite fruit ever. I topped that off with kiwi, mango cubes and strawberry slices. For the dry toppings I went with pink marshmallows and fruity pebbles.

Drizzled with delectable maple syrup, I have got to say that the flavour of the mango yogurt was wholesome and rich, creamily fruity and slightly sour which I loved. Not your typical yogurt which only comes in one flavour and the mango cubes really complemented the yogurt, coupled with the tartness of the strawberry and kiwi giving the yogurt an added kick. The fruity pebbles gave the dessert a good crunch and the maple was sweet but not overwhelming, unlike the one I had at Llao Llao. I really enjoyed the yogurt and the serving of the yogurt was pretty generous.


Nothing beats enjoying an icy froyo at #glacieryogurt on a hot weathered day like this!