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From the Burpple community

Pork Collar Steak ($16.8) - love the salad, it’s fresh, meat has a lot of fat and very oily, the curry didn’t really kick off for me. But portion wise is great.

Tenderloin Katsu ($8) - it’s very small😂, but the meat was super tender and well-seasoned.

Loin Katsu ($17.8) - valuable set. I prefer tenderloin katsu than loin.

Jowl Don ($13.8) - WINNER🎉! I like how they marinate it.

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Nice curry rice , great ambience to dine in ! the chicken is so put and pair it with their curry is great match

Didnt eat but brother said was really bad. Both the texture and the taste. I could see some parts stuck tgt and thus some surface werent Fried lol

Again, one of those super soft kind of pork powl that boasts an absolutely luxurious texture. The sweet sauce complements it well, as somehow despite its extremely fatty cut it wasnt greasy at all. A winner from gochisou and pretty darn worth it

Pork was really tender but otherwise it's just the normal miso soup

Pork was q tender and it tastes very much like a chinese home cooked dish:stir Fried pork w onions. Thus not really teriyaki but if youre craving for something homely, this is the way to go