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Unpretentious Japanese restaurant with down to eart prices for good quality Iberico pork. Ordered the special promotion Pluma Pork Chop for 21.90++. The meat was grilled over Binchotan coals to give it a smokiness not possible from electric grills. The meat was juicy and flavourful, almost like a pork version of hanger steak without the chewiness.

I’ll be back to try their Dons and Tonkatsu.

This only cost $10 and it’s pretty good!! Second time trying this and would recommend people to eat this if they don’t want pamper themselves alittle but not spend too much!

got the jowl and belly, like how they clearly explain what to expect for each part in the menu. pork belly was fatty and melt-in-the-mouth! bowls are pretty affordable but i think i’ve seen them sell the frozen shabu meats in the supermarket (same brand) 😅 sauces really complement the dish though! fried oyster was good too~

this costed around ~$11.90++

the pork slices had a great flavour but sadly the portion was quite smol

also, while the place was nicely decorated, we were seated next to a table where there were so many boxes/takeaway materials stacked up that the ambience was a bit ruined...

not worth!

this was their signature tonkatsu curry which was ~$15++. the portion of pork cutlet was quite smol, and was not fresh. it was hard to cut the pork cutlet, which made us suspect that it’s been frozen for a while. taste was OK

tl;dr not worth

Pork Collar Steak ($16.8) - love the salad, it’s fresh, meat has a lot of fat and very oily, the curry didn’t really kick off for me. But portion wise is great.

Tenderloin Katsu ($8) - it’s very small😂, but the meat was super tender and well-seasoned.

Loin Katsu ($17.8) - valuable set. I prefer tenderloin katsu than loin.

Jowl Don ($13.8) - WINNER🎉! I like how they marinate it.

All price are without GST