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Waiting time: 45mins

One of the better claypot rice I had. A must go everytime my wife has her claypot rice cravings.

Cravings fulfilled. :)

And this comes in a bright red colour.
It certainly takes some skills to knock and then suck the marrow out while enjoying it with the sweet and lightly spicy sauce. Hands will do the best job since fork and spoon are useless, so be prepared to colour your fingers red.
Overcome all that, and this will be quite a fun dish to have, especially with friends to laugh and maybe have a drink over it. Even the late Anthony Bourdain tried this when he visited SG, so why not if you haven’t?

Airy puffed rice cracked topped with baked cashew and pumpkin seed that was stuck on the cracker base with a brown sugar syrup. Mildly sweet and not greasy. Felt like a prettt healthy snack.

What you pay is what you get in this case. One of us just want to have these 2 dishes as a side from the unknown stall in Golden Mile food center. It’s colorful & looks appetizing but our excitement stops once trying. Even got a small stomach ache as a bonus.😥

Quality pastas that won’t break your wallet

With the closure of burgs , there is a new excitement brewing over Chef Choo’s pastas.

This pasta stall is situated at B1 so I spare you all the walking and getting lost 😊

The daily special was the crab meat in aglio olio style with a splash of white wine but me being a fussy eater - I opted to change mine to a spicy tomato base .

I tried both versions and still prefer my special order with spicy homemade tomato sauce .

Think al dente pasta adorned with an addictive tomato sauce , juicy baby tomatoes and chunky crab meat .

You’d pay 💰 a bomb for this at italian restaurants but at 8.90 here - you get both quality and value .

Be sure to get a cup of Kopi from Kopi more just across .


Located at 505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre unit B1-34, Singapore 199583. .
Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, $5. Insider tip: you can order for a $5 plate for a bit more than their standard $4/plate. We enjoy eating their dry kind of fried Hokkien mee that’s fried so fragrantly with wok-hei taste! Every mouthful is full of flavours and so tasty! Don’t forget to squeeze that lime in with chilli padi and sambal chilli, it taste even more shiok!!! This is totally our kind of childhood taste fried Hokkien mee as we grew up eating them, generations after generations.. 👍🏼😋 .
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