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From the Burpple community

Tried this unique CCF combination for $3.50. If you want something different and more unique, I would suggest trying this.

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Finally decided to give this stall 吃了吗 and braved the queue for 30mins. Fish was fresh and even have steam egg provided. For $6.50, it is really worth it. This kind of fish would cost a lot in an economic rice stall if they provide it.

Ordered their prawn version at Lor 86 for $4.50. Prawn taste good and worth the additional $0.50

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Tried the Curry Pork Chop Rice ($3.50) and there are lots of ingredients in it.

Cheap and generous amount of ingredients in Golden Mile Hawker Centre to get your money worth.

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Ordered their Roasted Thai Chicken Rice ($4) and I like the garlic on top of the chicken which brings out chicken in the flavour. The rice is also very frangrance.

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Had this unique Braised Meat Shank ($4.50). I like how the meat is soft and easily pulled from shank and the rice is flavour. Really like it and explain the queue for it

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