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Plagued by a nasty cough virus and sore throat, I’m basically living like a hermit for the past 2.5 weeks.
Treated myself with a bowl of ice cold kachang in a mound of finely shaved ice with snowy texture, drenched in a variety of coloured syrup, creamy sweet corn and lots of (my favourite!) condensed milk. This wonderful hawker stall at Ghim Moh Food Centre is my family’s favourite haunt for local desserts!

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My grandparents used to stay in the Ghim Moh neighbourhood. This was where all my Saturdays were spent, and where I grew up eating my now-favourite hawker grub. It was our weekend routine which started with my parents buying groceries from the wet market, then dapao-ing breakfast home for everyone. The orders were standard — two packets of char kuay teow for the brother, fishball noodles for the sister, nasi lemak for me, and tons more food to last the rest of the day (soya bean, min jiang kueh). But what I remember most were the unbearably hot days where my dad would just drive us to this food centre for cooling pick-me-ups from Golden Swallow Dessert. His favourite was the ice kachang. Back then, a bowl of soft, fine icy mountain with a generous heap of red beans stashed underneath (my favourite part) was a mere $1. I was always in charge of buying the desserts, and would take everyone’s orders before joining the perpetual queue. I used to give my dad all my atapchi, and still do, actually. I think realizing that it's really my dad and I who have the massive sweet tooth out of the whole family made me love this ice kachang even more. I have also grown to enjoy eating ice kachangs the way he does — with just gula melaka. I study overseas now, and the desserts at Golden Swallow Dessert are a must-have whenever I return home for the holidays. #Hawkerpedia