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Tried the mala tang because it smelt good. Price is based on weight. We got the medium spicy level.

Quite disappointed because the broth tasted more like maggie soup base instead of mala... would probably not visit again

Rating: 6/10

Soup quality was much better in the past as it was both 麻 and 辣, however, now the taste is much less pronounced. The meat and other ingredients were still pretty decent. Not sure if would come back again...

Expensive ingredients but the soup was surprisingly addictive.

Medium spicy is just right.

I like Gong Yuan’s mala tang for their flavourful and slightly creamy pork-based broth! Apart from the signature ma la, they also have other broths like mushroom, sour vegetables and a new dry mala option. It can come up to a rather pricey bowl due to the fixed rate by weight, but the ingredients are generally pretty fresh. It’s my first time here at their Suntec brunch, and I prefer it to the Orchard one for the comfortable dining space as well as the wider variety of ingredients to pick from!


As mentioned in prev post, many of such pieces of chicken was uncooked in some parts. Not sure if it's a one off or what.

Had this for the first time since it looked interesting. Everything was by weight and didnt differ between meat veg or seafood. Unfortunately for me I prefer Vegs in my mala which made it super heavy and thus more expensive than normal mala outside (paid $19+). What's upsetting was halfway through my meal I realised some chicken pieces were not fully cooked which left me unwilling to touch the rest of the chicken pieces, especially those that clumped together and made it impossible to tell if the inside was cooked or not. Overall, wouldnt be back again.