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From the Burpple community

This was okay only I guess... some cafes in SG can do better. But I kind of preferred the toppings that came along with this to the premium pancakes, though I didn’t enjoy the taste of the french toast.

Pancakes weren’t as soft as I expected. Taste was decent, didn’t like the butter. Unfortunately this was quite a disappointment. Maybe I shouldn’t have set my expectations high. There are definitely better souffle pancake options around in SG than this!

Avoided Gram initially bc of the hype and crowd and thought the wait would be shorter a few weeks later, but I was wrong 🙁 We queued close to 2h to eat this jiggly wobbly goodness
Premium soufflé pancakes (~$17.90) was like eating soft clouds ☁️ Slightly chewier and eggier on the surface, the top and bottom of the pancake had more bite than the middle! The insides were mushy and not too dense, even having a slight melt in your mouth texture 😍
Pancakes didn’t have much taste to it but when eaten with the chantilly cream and maple syrup, it was so amazing..... 🥞🥞Chantilly cream was Super airy and didn’t get jelak at all 😛 .
Overall really yummy soufflé pancakes but I’m just not sure if it’s worth the wait! Although if you order other items (eg French toast/ normal pancakes) you don’t have to wait!

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Specialty pancakes from OSAKA are distributed 3 times a day at timings (11am, 3pm, 6pm) @$17.80. Honestly after trying, it isn’t as fantastic as the hype brings it to be... but is still worth a try! 😊

This Premium Pancakes is the dish to order if you can only have one item at Gram Pancakes in VivoCity!

You get a towering stack of three 4cm thick fluffy souffle pancakes, served along with housemade whipped cream and gram’s original butter.

Premium Pancakes
served with special homemade whipped cream & gram's original butter