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From the Burpple community

The old fashion combo brings me back to the days when I was a kid and the ice cream man would sell ice cream wrapped in soft colourful bread!


Not all lattes contain coffee. This latte has such comforting christmassy flavours!

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Love the cheese dips. Comes with sausages too. But I had it changed go more wedges.

Very affordable. This bakery sells a wide variety of bread and some and designed really beautifully. Tried their best seller, Green Pumpkin Melon Pan. It is a combination of melon pan with pumpkin fillings. A perfect choice for those wanting to have their bread cravings but at the same time, want to be healthy. The fillings inside were rather generous but I hope for more. This bread is unlike other melon pans which is hard. This one is particularly soft and makes it easy to eat. Definitely something special, would go back and try other breads one day!!

A sweet and pretty sponge cake covered with raspberry cream and topped with strawberries. The cake reminds me more of Valentine's Day though. 😆 (Date: 7 May 2016 Saturday) #MsJaniceEats_cakes #MsJaniceEats_celebrations

Frosty Snowman
Snowy white bread filled with hokkaido milk cream 》$2.20/1pc or $4/2pcs

Santa Claus Custard Bun
Melon pan with a crisp cookie crust & banana custard filling 》$2.20