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From the Burpple community

Value for money, only if it's Burpple 1-for-1. Total cost was approx $11. Reminiscent of a school's café food (not too good but not too bad).

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Burpple Price: $5.95 (super worth!!!)

Hearty Chicken Chop dish with cheese that made it even more flavourful!

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The food was simply good! really worth for the price. we paid about $9.40 per person for the main dish each with a soup to share. soup was thick and good. chicken pasta has a generous amount of chicken and cheese burger was soft and rich. staff was friendly


This meal marks my $500 saved 😘, good stuff, I was born in the year of the mouse so obviously I have a thing for cheese. Why? Because the cheese reminds the mouse of the cow that brought it to win first place in the zodiac race.Duh, that's how science work. The food was good, environment was good and I would recommend y'all to check this place out if you have the time and if you're born in the year of the rat like me. (P.S. the cheese burger was made from cow so maybe that's why I liked it as well)


The Cheesy Chicken ($10.90) at Grillhood is tender and juicy, and the accompanying sauce was a good complement. The sides were nothing to shout about, but the potato wedges were fairly well seasoned. A real value for money meal with burpple beyond!

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Dropped by this neighbourhood cafe to utilise our burpple beyond. Enjoyed the Chicken Quesadilla ($9.90 iirc). Quite value for money (especially with burpple beyond) as the quesadilla was stuffed with filling! And eat it while it's warm for a slight cheese pull. Yum!