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[CLOSED] Grind Coffee

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Specialty coffee at the heart of CBD. Coffee beans, Coffee Brewer and professional grinders are on sale to cater to your needs.


From the Burpple community

Using an excellent, low acidity South American coffee bean, Grind Coffee has managed to avoid overpowering the ginger flavors in the coffee while still keeping the coveted caffeine kick of coffee intact. If normal coffee isn't gonna get you through the day, then the Afterburn is definitely gonna fire you up and boost you through till happy hour.


It ain't your standard iced cappuccino, and it ain't an iced flat white either. Cryptically named as just 'Iced Coffee' on the menu and touted as the boss' special brew that also happens to be bloody good, it lives up to all its claims.

The acidity is just right, with the wonderful notes of the roasted beans coming through clearly. The taste is earthy yet not too heavy, and laced with a strong, wonderful undertone of cocoa and a hint of nuttiness, but that all pales in comparison to the mouthfeel. It's absolutely silky smooth and charmingly creamy, and there's an astonishing abundance of crema sitting pretty atop the coffee. It's so smooth you could chug the whole mug down without even realizing it. That's not all, the brew never got watered down despite all the ice inside the mug. This cool, charming cuppa is guaranteed to get you cracking.


TGIF everyone! Grind Coffee's French rose bud tea is something else entirely, being fantastically fragrant in scent but light yet utterly refreshing in flavor. It's great for washing down your lunch, or to boost your immune system and prep you for your weekend of gluttony and general debauchery.


Hiding away from the grind...

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