48A Tanglin Halt Road
#01-04 Tanglin Halt Market
Singapore 148813


05:30pm - 03:00am

05:30pm - 03:00am

05:30pm - 03:00am

05:30pm - 03:00am

05:30pm - 03:00am




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Reviews at Guang Zhou Wanton Noodle (Tanglin Halt Market)

Reviews of good food at Guang Zhou Wanton Noodle (Tanglin Halt Market)

Old school Wanton horfun

I like all things traditional including my wanton noodles 😊 but better still if there is a horfun option :)

Nice QQ horfun with a traditional garlicky chilli sauce , lean cuts of char siew ( the way I like it ! ) and plump wantons :)

My default place to go when I need a quick wanton noodle fix in the evening or for supper .

I must add that their soup is delicious ! Full of umami :)


Wanton noodles that even Eric Khoo approves of !

This is the best place to get your late evening wanton noodles craving fixed ( for dinner or supper )

Thinly sliced char siew dyed red with springy noodles enveloped in a very traditional chilli sauce that is slightly hot and sour ( ie the non sambal kind ).

The wanton skins are slithery and smooth and the minced pork is well seasoned.

Most would go for their wanton noodles but do try the wanton horfun which is equally good .

Service is friendly and very fast so you won’t have to stand in line feeling hungry for too Long .

Head down now !!! What are you waiting for 🤗


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