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Reviews at Haig Road Market & Food Centre

Reviews of good food at Haig Road Market & Food Centre

Famous putu piring (Q 20min), roti john from Rosy & Nora (Q 10min), Sarawak laksa, Sarawak kolo mee and gado gado. All are so good! 🤤

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It’s important to avoid comparing “Sarawak Kolo Mee” to our local “Wanton Mee” because the style is slightly different. For one, it is drier. So there isn’t a lot of “zhup” (that’s Hokkien for “sauce”). Noodles are thinner and cooked to a springy chewiness which I personally find very appealing. What’s key is to give everything a proper toss before you start eating. Doing this ensures that the noodles have the seasoning sauce, chilli, minced pork, fried shallot oil and spring onions distributed evenly through. Coating the strands with a bit of everything makes it a lot more shiok.
My favourite for this dish is from stall #01-33 at Haig Road Food Centre. A big reason is because their chilli is pretty lethal. So ask for extra only if you are a spicy food lover. The standard bowl which costs $4, has a generous amount of noodles and a few slices of “char siew”. There are no dumplings included.


It was really scalding hot claypot noodle and require to sit around the stall area if you want them to serve the claypot directly on the table. If not, you need to carrying the tray back to your area and it really quite heavy for claypot to carry around. It really quite nice to eat claypot noodle especially in cold weather. They also selling seafood Claypot Noodle ($4).

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This is probably one of the best Mee Rebus that I have ever had. The gravy was rich and thick and was absorbed well by the noodles. A confusing but pleasant mixture of sweet and savoury, it's a good perk me up indeed!


$4 for Smaller Portion / $5 for Larger Portion. I didn't ask for chili because I heard from my colleague that chili is very spicy and he eat the kolo mee until he sweat out. It's a bit dry probably I didn't toss well 😂 and it's quite sweet gravy for non-spicy people like me.

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Tasty gravy, added diced garlic and vinegar for additional flavour. Generous portion of noodles, really filling and satisfying.


$4 for a satisfying meal! Have it with some green chilli for ab even better taste! For me, loved it because the noodles was really fragrant & tasty with it's QQ texture hehehe! Kinda wished they had vegetables but I'm not complaining I LOVE SARAWAK NOODLES YAY to cheap & good thrills! (Note to self: I need to come back and find the popular wanton stall heh) 7.5/10

This was not bad! $4 for the smaller portion. It is as nice as the more expensive ones sold in shopping mall for $6.90++. Now I know what to eat besides putu piring and satay when I'm at Haig road again!😉 #burpple


Wanton Mee from Kiat Huat @ Haig Road Food Centre.

Fill your tummy for just $3.

Chwee Kueh, Siu Mai and a Red Bean Pau for $3, with a side of Teh-O and Kopi-O.

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✔️ This one definitely deserve 10-15min queue. 📍Paya Lebar MRT #yybffPayaLebar

Lor Mee: the gravy base is very tasty, adding some chilli and vinegar enhance the kick. Loved by the regulars here.


Highly recommended by @drchrislooi and @missylane, this Sarawak Kolo Mee really was every bit as good as they'd said it was.
The very fine, curly egg noodles were al dente and came cloaked in the invisible deliciousness of pork lard oil. Over the pile of springy strands were minced pork, slices of "char siew", fried shallots and spring onions. You need to give everything a proper toss to maximise the eating pleasure.
Their sambal belachan is made with chilli padi, so do note it is rather lethal. I couldn't get enough of it myself, and had to ask for more.
You can find this stall at #01-33 inside Haig Road Hawker Centre (the same one that houses my fave "putu piring"). The lady boss told me their operating hours are from 10am to 9pm, and are closed on alternate Tuesdays.

Any observation of long lines at hawker stalls triggers an immediate beeline from me to join the queue.

The egg noodles are handmade here, and the effort pays off in their springy, firm texture. Slicked with a potent chilli and sesame oil dark sauce, the tangled strands disappeared from my plate in a matter of minutes.

On matters of accompaniments, the fried wantons, of which there were 4, were suitably crispy and filled with an above average amount of sweet minced pork. I liked the light tasting broth which played it easy on the salt and had a delicate sweetness to it. Unfortunately, the char siew was of the non-descript, bland and dry variety that plagues so many wanton noodle stalls.

On a sidenote, their "shui jiao" dumplings are delightfully plump, flavourful and had a pleasant subtle crunch from diced water chestnuts.

Kiat Huat 吉发 (Closed on Thursdays)
Haig Road Market and Food Centre
14 Haig Rd

Those of you who have dined with me may know I don't like mutton. However, once in a blue moon, an unexplainable urge for a bowl of "kambeng soup" will strike. Like this morning (I blame it on the rainy weather), when all I can think about is slurping up that steaming hot, fragrant soup and chewing on chunks of mutton. Weird, huh? 😜


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