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From the Burpple community

Love white carrot cake? Give Hup Huat White Carrot Cake (02-35) a try when you’re at Hainanese Village Food Centre. Only serving white carrot cake, it’s presented differently from your typical carrot cake as it’s cooked in squares, has a pancake like thickness and presented in a flower shape.

The homemade carrot cake cubes are soft and you can actually taste the radish itself. I noticed the cubes are relatively tiny compared to the ones you can find elsewhere.

The carrot cake is well coated with eggs. In fact the egg is pan fried till crispy and nicely coats the carrot cake cubes. And this gives it a nice oomph. This is different from most carrot cake where the egg is cooked till fluffy and doesn’t shape the flavour profile of the dish.

We added chilli sauce to the carrot cake for a spicer touch. As the chilli is well spread throughout the dish, I felt it blended too well into the dish and couldn’t taste it. Perhaps it isn’t too spicy for me to make a difference.

There’s a queue number system in place and you got to wait for a good 15-20 minutes at most. It’s a good carrot cake but I wouldn’t make the special journey out to Hainanese Village for this.

On my recent trips to Hainanese Village, I couldn’t help but to notice the long queue for Punggol Noodles (02-24). Didn’t regret a single bit after joining the queue. Go for the Punggol Noodles ($3) and remember to add on the amazing handmade meatballs ($2/3).

The chef-proprietor Mr Yee has been selling mee pok for over 20 years first in Punggol (hence the stall name), then to Kovan and now to Hainanese Village. Unfortunately, he met with an accident in his earlier days and cooks everything with one hand. And he has went through other trials and tribulations too. I admire his grit and determination as being a hawker is tiring enough.

We had the dry version of the Punggol Noodles and added some meatballs - essentially mee kia (thin yellow noodles) that’s mixed with a chilli vinegar seasoning (no chilli and vinegar available too) with minced pork, pork slices, pork liver and meatballs in a clear pork soup. Free flow serving of lard is available. Try to eat in moderation.

Fresh pork is used in making the handmade meatballs every day. Unlike most meatballs, there’s more meat than flour which is such a treat these days as most of them taste pretty uniformed. It was a delightful treat for me and I could feel the softness and bounciness of the meatballs in every bite.

The mee kia was springy and was well coated with the chilli vinegar seasoning. And you’ll get some stewed shiitake mushrooms to accompany your noodles. I appreciate how the pork liver is not fully cooked so it’s not dry and hard when you eat it.

Ok I went bck yesterday again for Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee 🤭 because I want to reminisce the taste for Lor Mee again 😋. So the gravy was quite thick and shiok but the ingredients for ngoh hiang and shredded duck meats was quite fresh made. But I need to wait at least around 30 to 45 mins for my turn to order lor mee. For me, I would not going bck for Lor Mee because I want to try punggol noodles nxt time. I felt that the queue was getting shorter compared to the past. Mostly people didn't want to queue and wait for opening hours around noon.

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Missed fried carrot stick 🥕 so much for Dong Jin Yuan Dian Xin last time that I went there for lunch time. Need to eat them while served in 🔥.

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So I went to Lorong Ah Soo Market for Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee but I went there too early because they will be opening around lunch hour 😳 Decided to went for Fu Yuan Mei Shi instead and some of the stores at there will be need to queue for food 🙃. So its already a plain gravy but adding some chili inside the gravy enhances lor mee ($3). I felt that their ingredients for lor mee was quite less and normal (fish cakes/shredded meat) Preferred Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee over this. OK I already returned back yesterday for queuing for Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee 👌 and will be writing the reviews soon.

Are you a Lor mee lover? If you are just like I am, do check out Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee (02-51) at Hainanese Village Food Centre. They always attract long queues before they open at 12pm and only open till 3pm. Each bowl sets you back $3.50 or $4 (pictured).

It’s a fairly simple bowl of lor mee but you get a generous serving of tasty ingredients. Just ngoh hiang, fried fish, shreds of braised duck, fish cake and boiled egg in a slightly starchy, braised gravy. No shark meat or fried fish as I’d like it to be.

When it comes to the choice of noodles, I’ll always have just the flat yellow noodle (the traditional noodles with lor mee). Although you can choose to have it with bee hoon, kway teow or mixed.

As for the gravy (lor), it was not as starchy that I’d expect it to be. It’s more towards the lighter, soupy side. I prefer my lor mee to have a stronger flavour but good for those who like lor mee this way.

Remember to have it with garlic, fresh red chilli and vinegar for added flavour. It’ll help to enhance the flavour of the dish since it’s on the lighter side.

The stallholders are pretty friendly which helps to make up for the half an hour queue. I wouldn’t queue for it again if I could though.

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