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From the Burpple community

Love this scallop I ate at the market this morning! I selected one large scallop from a tank, and it went straight to the grill. It's succulent and juicy, and don't miss the juice remaining on the shell.. those are pure sweet scallop juices!


When at Hakodate, don't miss this morning market, where you'll find an aisle full of restaurants selling seafood don. You'll find that they all have a similar menu, all offering uni, hotate, ebi, snow crab and ikura.
I came here twice and visited two different restaurants. I found that the many good Japanese restaurants in Singapore actually serves better raw seafood than the ones here. For eg, Ryo Sushi and Shinji served better uni and ikura, Kuro Maguro serves better otoro. Nevertheless, given that the kaisen dons are really cheap here, it's worth a visit if you're at Hakodate.


Hey, this is the thing I came back to Hakodate for. As a major fishing port, Hakodate offers inexpensive fresh seafood to Japanese food lovers. The sweet ebi n uni mixed with the saltish ikura and the sour sweet rice made this a heavenly breakfast treat !