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In Latin America and Asia, those are usually great places to find delicious food stalls serving cheap, authentic and fresh specialties. 🤤
Like this Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls, made upon order & served warm. And yes it might seem easy or just another Street Food to some, but the skills & experience needed to make it can never be overlooked & underestimated. 🔖


I add an egg and extra fried dough to dip it in the soup! Add some chili, lime and pickled garlic. So good! Probably one of the most juiciest chicken I ever ate in Vietnam. Had this is the late afternoon and it kept me full till the next day!

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very grateful.

Realised a meal here has elements of Chinese dining, they must have rice with 1 vegetable, 1 meat, and 1 soup.

Simple but nourishing. Still can't figure out what the dishes are called.