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Popped by Happy Congee 滿粥了, a stall within the foodcourt of ARC 380 (380 Jalan Besar), to try their Hong Kong style chee cheong fun and boy am I impressed!

I am not a big fan of sweet sauce as I generally like to have my chee cheong fun with soy sauce, oil and chilli only, but the Triple Sauce Rice Noodle Roll ($3.50) is surprisingly good! The freshly made chee cheong fun is super soft and smooth, and the rice noodle rolls are drenched in sesame sauce, soy sauce and sweet sauce. The flavours are well balanced and the sweet, savoury and nutty notes complement one another. The fried chilli is packed with the umami of dried shrimps and it gives the chee cheong fun a nice kick.

One of my must-eat items whenever I travel to Hong Kong is 炸两, which is you tiao wrapped in chee cheong fun. The Rice Noodle Roll with Dough Stick ($4) served here is not bad - the silky rice noodle rolls are drizzled in a light soy sauce with a hint of sweetness. Wished the you tiao is a little crispier, but this is still pretty good.

Overall, this is quite value-for-money given the wallet-friendly prices, quality and portion size - this is yet another hidden gem in Jalan Besar area:)!

Newly opened stall at ARC380.

This Congee is rather appetising.

Big bowl, looks good, tastes good

Newly open this Jan 2021 this food stall Happy Congee is located inside new foodcourt BGAIN at ARC380. The 3 sauces chee cheong fan was quite close to what I had in Hongkong. They made it fresh upon your order. The chee cheong fan was silky & chewy and paired well with peanut sauce, sweet sauce & light soy sauce. Priced at $3.50 a portion.

The stall mainly serve porridge & chee cheong fan. Their porridge wasn’t impressive but their 3 sauces chee cheong fan was definitely something to try!