Happy Ending Pizza Parlour

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Happy Ending Pizza Parlour puts a bold spin on traditional pizza with our adventurous and unique flavours, made with our artisanal handcrafted dough and premium ingredients.

371 Beach Road
#01-35 City Gate
Singapore 199597

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11:00am - 02:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:00am - 02:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:00am - 02:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:00am - 02:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm


11:00am - 02:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:00am - 02:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

🍗 Spicy buffalo lollipops ($12++): made for easy eating and the BBQ sauce taste was strong, abit too much drenched in sauce though!

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Pizza night with pizzas from @happyendingpizza !

🍕 Mushroom madness ($27++): comes with some truffle taste with gooey cheese and 3 diff types of mushrooms. Wished the truffle taste was stronger!
🍕Hawaii Five-O ($27++): special in the sense that it has one whole caramelised cinnamon pineapple ring in the middle. And comes with pancetta instead of the usual ham.
🍗 Spicy buffalo lollipops ($12++): made for easy eating and the BBQ sauce taste was strong, abit too much drenched in sauce though!

What is special too about this pizza parlour is that they provide pizza dips! The one we got was the sweet chilli pineapple for the Hawaiian pizza pairing. But I thought it didn't go quite well. I would have preferred other sauces! Was also given another sauce dip but it tastes more like haebeehiam chilli sauce to me, also weird for a pizza dip 🤔

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Ordered pizza from @happyendingpizza after not having it for awhile and it's still as good as I remember it to be! The Godfather was my favourite with the pepperoni, crispy bits while paired with the smokey BBQ sauce. The Holy Crab was also good, with more crab meat in it than it looks because it was hidden under the cheese. This was paired with the chilli crab sauce which was a bit too sweet for my liking but still pretty tasty! 😋


Turning up the heat is @happyendingpizza 's Spicy Babe, a magnificently tasty number practically swimming in mala-infused oil, giving this beef(you can opt to swap for pork if you don’t eat beef) cherry tomato and mozarella topped pizza a healthy zing with each bite, but not excessively so. All flavour no danger!

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @happyendingpizza for the hospitality!

Taste: 3.5/5

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Deep in the night I’m looking for some fun, deep in the night, I’m looking for some la...mala, that is. Sure, @happyendingpizza is pretty far from being the pioneer of pizza with mala on it, but they do it remarkably well. The Spicy Babe is twenty eight bucks for a mala-powered sauce base that has a smattering of minced beef, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella & parmesan cheese riding on top of it. All that jazz is drizzled with more Sichuan chili oil and the chili peppers themselves to make it super naughty, and damn it works a treat.

The mala is magnificently fragrant, with the pie being smelt well before it’s dealt. The spice level is essentially a 小辣, the second mildest spice setting which should please most pleasure hunters. While it would be nice for Happy Ending to ask you how hot & sweaty you want it, it’s not a dealbreaker right now. The minced beef was beefed up with the fragrant, numbing & slightly spicy mala oil, and the cheese blend was melted, majestic perfection.⠀

Mala on pizza sounds weird, but believe me when I say that this is an unexpected paring that works like a charm. Beef & mala is a tale as old as time, but add a stellar sourdough pizza crust and a medley of melted cheese into the numbing & spicy & salty mix, and you’ve got a feisty little firecracker that’s gonna ride your tongue till you go numb.⠀

For the final time (for now), thanks to @happyendingpizza for being our premier pleasure provider, and to @burpple for hooking us up!

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How good is @happyendingpizza, you ask? Well, they provide so much pleasure that even their crabs are in fashion. The Holy Crab! is $28++ per pop, but holy crab indeed. Yes, I know chili crab pizzas are older than my goddamn alcoholism, but this one is a surefire seductress. And I have the sample size to prove my claims, believe me.

When Happy Ending said that their sterling sourdough pizza base was topped with SUCCulent crabmeat, they weren’t kidding. Ya see all that white stuff on her? That’s right fellas, that’s all authentic crabmeat! Granted, I couldn’t taste the sweetness that’s a hallmark of a fresh crustacean, but that’s mainly due to the captivating chili crab sauce. It trends more towards salty, spicy & sour than the usually sweet & salty chili crab sauce Singaporeans are used to, but it works wonders when paired with the charmingly chewy pizza dough. Some chili padis are on deck to spice things up a little more for the lads & ladies who like it extra painful, and the sharp red onions are there to whip the orgy back into order when any of the participants get out of line.

Speaking about the pizza dough, the main reason why Happy Ending is called...well, what it is, is because of the saucy dips that you can get for a little extra sumn’ sumn’. Needless to say, our lube of choice that night was the chili crab dip. It’s basically the same sauce that’s on the pizza, but taking the otherwise plain crust & spicing it up? Oh yeah, that’s the spot. For about thirty three bucks with the dip, this is pie is an orgasmic sensation that has to be achieved to be believed.

Better yet, round up your pals who like it saucy & spicy, head on down and use that sweet, sweet thirty percent(!) off your total bill that only #burpplebeyond can pleasure you with. Bang for your buck indeed. I will definitely come again, @happyendingpizza. And thanks to @burpple for hooking me up!