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From the Burpple community

Crispy puff filled with cream!! (Much like Singapore's beard Papa's version) There was a long line of queue when we got here. There was no seating area to eat, and the area right outside was filled with signs saying no eating of food. uhh where do they expect us to eat it then? I thought Japanese ppl don't eat and walk at the same time 🧐 so we felt like fugitives quickly munching down our zakuzaku. Plus there were no toilets in sight at this building. The nearest public toilet was far away to be found (lol toilet woes) (anw, takeshita street's fashion was so not my style there was 0 items that I had interest in) #zakuzaku #takeshitastreet #croquantchouzakuzaku #creampuff #burpple #tokyo #tokyofood #tokyofoodtripspoonsofdelights #burpple #tokyofoodie #food #tokyomusteat

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Bar shaped puff with custard cream 》Β₯250

Sister's Tapioca In Drink
Strawberry, Yogurt & Mango 》Β₯350