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Instead of a taco shell, @kfc_sg created a fried chicken fillet "wrap" with lettuce, tomatoes and a mix of 4 different CHEESEs - Emmental, Romano, Cheddar and Mozzarella. The unmelted shredded cheeses were falling off the box readily when the order was being served. Even as I was taking photograph of it, the lettuce started falling off too. That is why the final photo seems to have much less of the toppings. That is the reality vs. advertisement.

How does it taste like? The chicken was thick but dry like you would with breast meat. So the whole eating episode was a messy battle with falling ingredients and some sticky cheese on my face. It was fun trying out but I still like a good old Zinger chicken.

We checked out ‘Visit Kochi Japan’ at Harbourfront Center before our lunch and grab this cup to try for some sweet treat. Kochi is famous for its Yuzu (sour & refreshing taste) and this Yuzu sorbet might be so tiny but really worths it.
We can even notice the Yuzu skin in the bottom of ice cream cup. 🍋 🍋 🍋
Give it a try if you drop by to the event. Also if you grab 2 cartons of Marigold Peel Yuzu 1 litre ($3.20 each), you will get a cooler bag & a Japanese bowl. We are quite hesitant on that (due to sugar level) but gotta admit that it is an attractive deal! 🥺
📍Experience Japan Kochi (Travel & Food fair)
Harbourfront Center
18-27 October
10 am-8 pm

Though there seems to be a slight slowdown to the salted egg yolk trend, the evolving variety of fish skin and potato chips seems to have outlasted the other fads. Thus inspired by our local culture and lifestyle, Tiny Red Dot, under the JP Pepperdine Group, offers yet another option as they focus on local flavoured snacks such as Salted Egg Fish Skin and Laksa Fish Skin ($12/each).

Well-seasoned and coated pretty evenly, each resealable pack marries the sweet, salty and spicy perfectly. No soggy or clumpy bits, the handcrafted bags didn’t taste greasy either. Flavourful and more balanced of the lot that I have tried, the skins had a good crunch - not overly thin or thick. The flavours were distinct as well; however of the two, my pick would be the Laksa Fish Skin - it giving quite a strong kick yet moreish with the fragrance of the essential spices.

Many thanks to for sending them over!


Indulge in a cup matcha latte that will perks your soul up! Cheers


If you've tried the best roast duck (in HK), everything else is inferior. Still doesnt match the ones I've tasted. But not bad.

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So it was ice cream day today at work and yay I managed to pick strawberry cheesecake! Apparently a first time in the office? I wonder what on earth was the occasion? Haha thankful all the same for yummy Ben & Jerry's😘 #ben&jerry's #burpple