331 New Bridge Road
#01-02 Dorsett Residences
Singapore 088764

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09:00am - 06:00pm

09:00am - 06:00pm

09:00am - 06:00pm


09:00am - 06:00pm

09:00am - 06:00pm

09:00am - 06:00pm

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From the Burpple community

went back to pipes twice, bc it is just that good! we really enjoyed the toasted buttery slices of bread packed with LOADS of filling. i got the nitamago potato salad ($14) which features soy-marinated eggs, house made potato salad, truffle oil and veggies. the eggs are cooked to perfection and not overly salty! highly rec this if you’re not a meat-lover or just want some eggs (they have an impossible meat option on the menu too). we ordered the iberico katsusando ($22) and the meat is so juicy and flavourful, 100% chef’s kiss!! they give very thicccc slabs of meat as well so you’ll definitely be full.

we got their lemongrass chicken sando on our 2nd visit ($14) ((not pictured)), tho i didn’t really like this one, he enjoyed it! it has a bit of a viet/thai twist w the addition of lemongrass, and i have to say the chicken is really juicy. their fries is really good too — thin, crispy, and just the perfect amount of salt. we chose the truffle aioli to go w the fries and it was super yummy!

✨ ratings: 9/10 ✨

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Pictured: Garlic Prawns Sando

Very juicy and fresh prawns used for the sandwiches! The bread was perfectly toasted and the ratio of the fillings to the sauces was just perfect too. Very very delicious

Bummed that PIPES are not on Burpple anymore, but definitely coming back to try the other sandwiches!

Take note this signature item is a bun, not a puff. Refrigerating it really improved it. But it's kinda small and underwhelming. Azuki flavour was better than normal custard!

Take note this signature item is a bun, not a puff. Refrigerating it really improved it. But it's kinda small and underwhelming.

We fell in love with their sandos previously and we came back again to try their signature this time. The tonkatsu patty was crispy, juicy and tender and had just the right amount of fats to meat! The Karashi mayo and otafuku sauce made every bite sweet salty and tangy at the same time. Their sandwich bread was perfectly buttered and toasted as well. However, we waited around 20-30 mins for the sando to be served, perhaps because they make it fresh, which probably explains why the tonkatsu and bread were so crispy 😋😋😋 Serving size wise, this is definitely enough for a hearty meal.

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Ig handle?? 🏷
@hattendo_singapore @ outside Outram Mrt Exit H
nearest mrt: Outram Park 🟢🟣

‼️ ive always loved cream/custardy desserts which gives me tht creamy satisfaction tht i crave relentlessly!! if you’ll to give me Chateraise’s custard puff everyday, i will love u 😘 bt these are a next level 🤓

what ive gotten (no. from top to bottom):
1️⃣ Whipped Cream Bun (~$2.70) :b
2️⃣ Custard Cream Bun (~$2.70) :3
3️⃣ Lemon Bun (~$3) :o

i can see why ppl love them, simply bc thyre 1) generous w the fillings 2) the texture/consistency is creamy n yet light ☁️ enuf for 1 to finish in a sitting 😜

evidently all are whites 🤍 bt thyre taste profiles are extremely different. ofc the lemon one has a zestier note which refreshes ur taste buds everytime u bite into thm! not forgetting the crumbly cookie crust tht encapsulates the fillings! (wherease the other 2 are soft buns vibe 🍞) note: the zesty part is only a tiny bit within the fillings tho!! wish tht thr were more 🤩💘

altho whipped cream n custard cream seems somewhat the same bt trust me; thy taste diff! custard has more milkier🥛note n denser/substantial-feel compared to the whipped cream bun!