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Interesting ice cream flavour and not too sweet (which is good) but did not really stand out in any other way. Waffle was also pretty normal and honestly do not see any reason to come back here cause the location isn’t that convenient as well. The cakes did look good and maybe i should try those if i’m ever back!!

lavender flavoured ice cream was too strong for me and but still a super cute desert!

white chocolate peppermint ice cream was interesting - worth a try if you are a mint fan.
$9.50 for waffles with icecream and your choice of sauce (salted caramel is not bad!)

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Yummy yummy & super cute Unicorn 🦄 Waffle 😋
Crispy waffle with Lavender White Chocolate + Toasted Marshmallow.
I’m surprised that the waffle was so crispy and the ice cream melted slowly & we can still eat the ‘ice cream’ instead of water till last of our scoop 👍🏼

As a regular patron of Hatter Street, I couldn’t help but give the unicorn woah-ffle a try. Waffles were good as ever, soft on the inside with a crispy exterior. Ice cream flavours are pre-selected for this set. The bottom flavour was lavender white chocolate while the top layer, toasted marshmallow. The horns were all meringue and certainly added to the cute factor but not so much to the overall taste of the dish. Nevertheless, this set is perfect for sharing and great for the gram’

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Usually not a waffle person but decided to try this since the flavour seemed really unique. Ended up liking the waffle WAY more than the ice cream. The waffle was unlike any other I’ve had in sg so far, it was much crispier and had a flavour of its own as compared to most waffles that kind of just provide a resting place for the ice cream and end up tasting like batter/nothing. I got the caramel sauce drizzled on top which paired rlly well with the entire dish. I would literally just eat that waffle alone for breakfast if I could. The ice cream may seem a little strange to those not used to tasting lavender for the first time but it grew on me eventually. Definitely ordering the waffle again but with a different flavoured ice cream!

Ice cream flavours are fixed with toasted marshmallow and lavender white chocolate 😋


Very dense and crispy Belgian waffles topped with toasted marshmallow and lavender white choc ice cream. Can't bear to eat this pretty #unicornwaffle!

So cute!! ($14) comes with 2 standard ice cream flavours- lavender white chocolate and toasted marshmallow.

Unicorn waffles. 🦄
Still can't beat the classic Pandan ice cream with gula melaka sauce.

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This tasted great! But there are days when the waffles tasted even better so maybe the quality can be more consistent!! But overall still great!! And I love these 2 ice cream flavours!! Pandan icecream is sooooo unique!! You can't find it easily at other areas! As for cookies and cream, it's my usual favourite and the cookies and cream here is so GOOD because you can taste the cookies in every mouth of the ice cream! TOTALLY LOVE IT!!


Omg the waffle was so so so nice, one of the nicest waffle I've eaten in Singapore :) it was both crispy and soft and the taste was damn good too! The Pandan ice cream tasted okay only to me but then again I didn't choose that flavour so perhaps Pandan lovers might like it. The earl grey was much like other earl grey ice cream I've eaten cos all earl grey ice cream taste the same to me. It was good. But I exceeded my caloric limit with this lol.


Saw this $45 cake on Fave and decided to give it a shot. The sponge cake on the inside wasn't as creamy as expected and the Ferrero was soft by the time I picked it up. A bit disappointing for the price and I might have preferred a cheaper one from Prima Deli, but it's hard to say for sure.

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$5.50 + $0.50 for Maple and Butter
My little brother's dish and he didn't order ice cream as he was a little under the weather sadly, but I tried the waffles and I couldn't stop. It truly is one of the best waffles I've ever had. It's different from the usual normal type of waffles you get at Sunday Folks and it reminds me alot of Belgian Waffles actually! I would actually come back to try this again, all to myself this time.


I'm a huge huge fan of cookies and cream so this was a dream come true. Cookies and cream brownie topped with cookies and cream ice cream and oreos, what could be any better! The brownie was soft and hot, and they gave a super generous scoop of ice cream as well. The ice cream was actually a little better than average ice creams as it was thicker than usual! A combination of hot and cold, with my favorite flavor, it isn't exactly mindblowingly good but it's good considering the price of it as well!

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