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😋 Fried fish soup with rice (S$4). Fish was served separately so its still crispy. Pretty generous and you get 4pcs. Soup was flavourful, but not too heavy on the seasoning. Ingredients in the soup includes egg, vege, tofu, tomato and egg floss.

Their tom yum fish soup is popular as well, will try that next time. Recommend 👍

You Yi (01-30)
Havelock Cooked Food Centre
22A Havelock Rd
Singapore 161022
(5min walk from Tiong Bahru MRT)

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Introduced to me some time ago by Burpple Tastemaker @blueskiescottonclouds, this fish soup stall is one of those at Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre that I frequent when I am in the area. They offer a slightly wider variety than the usual, so besides the commonly found “batang” (Spanish mackerel), they have prawns and red grouper, as well as more unusual items such as fish roe and “shirako” (sperm sac).
My most recent order was red grouper with fish roe and “yee mee” for $8. For greens, I picked the bittergourd over the other leafy choices this time.
In case you are curious, the other carbs available are thick and thin beehoon and rice.


After all the rich and heavy meals I’ve been having of late, this fried beehoon with luncheon meat, egg and cabbage was the one thing I wanted for breakfast today. Obviously, it isn’t light or healthy by any stretch of imagination but for sheer comfort food, it was the embodiment right then and there.
The bonus is finding out that stall #01-20 at Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre does an above average rendition. Furthermore, they seem to cook their toppings in small batches so they taste fresher. Will be back for more soon.


It was divine. So I asked the lady proprietor, “Why don’t you serve ikan bills with your nasi lemak?” She said it was expensive and most patrons refuse to pay for it. I guess this is the difference between Malaysian and Singaporean nasi lemak. One can’t imagine a legit Malaysian nasi lemak without anchovies. Still, this was good. Maybe next time I tapau and fry some on my own or BYO!


Another day, another fried carrot cake.
Veered away from my preferred “white” version to get the “black” one today. The reason being I recall having really liked the way this Havelock Food Centre hawker fries his with loads of garlic and “chye poh” (preserved radish). What seals the deal for me is how he also throws on more of that crunchy “chye poh” and some fresh Chinese celery as the final touch.


Those who know me will know I often gripe that most are unworthy of my calories, save for the one at Selegie. Coconut Club, I know, has its fans but it still pales in comparison for me to what we can get across the causeway. Today, I am proven wrong. There is one worthy. This humble stall in an old hawker centre. @singaporeliciouz was the first to tell me about it, followed by stamps of approvals from @veronicaphua and @that_dex. Still the proof is in the eating. This was fantastic. Sambal, although not like the Malay ones back home, has its own character and was shiok! Chicken is freshly fried and not a hint of oil, it was in fact crispy and juicy. The eggs are fried to your preference. Mine sunny side up and a Super runny yolk and the rice was done just right. Enough santan and each grain separated. The bomb! This nasi lemak is worth every calorie! I will be back for sure.