18 Tai Seng Street
#01-02 18 Tai Seng
Singapore 539775

11:00am - 09:00pm

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Reviews at Hawker Chan (18 Tai Seng)

Reviews of good food at Hawker Chan (18 Tai Seng)

Soya Sauce Chicken Rice 》$3.80
Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle 》$4.80

The horfun was really smooth and went well with the sauce and chilli. The chicken was fragrant and tender plus the skin was slightly crispy too!

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Good portions, still pretty well done. Go for the rice over noodles. Add a plate of mixed meat (char siew, roast pork & duck) for $10. (7.2/10)

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Oh boy this chicken was amazingly tender - I don’t think I’ve eaten such soft chicken in my life! I actually really liked this with their noodles. However, it’s best eaten quickly because after a while, the soy sauce gets a bit too sweet- maybe because it’s colder or I ate too much haha. Still, a really wholesome meal!

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Get the rice option if you’re wondering! Somehow always end up more satisfied. The soy chicken is really good. Super value for money! (7.8/10)

Tried this famous soya sauce chicken with their egg noodles. The chicken was very succulent and smooth and the sauce flavourful! Best thing about this is the price, it's very affordable for quality food :)

But I have to say, this soya sauce chicken breast is perfectly cooked, well seasoned and tender 😋. It's so good that I have ordered another packet for takeaway.
Where to dine?
Hawker Chan
18 Tai Seng St, Singapore 534119
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If you are noodle lover like me their bouncy egg noodle is a must try. The chicken texture was perfectly cooked. I like their charsiew too, but many fats to remove. At chinatown outlet surprised to see more westerners in the queue. #michelin #michelinstar #soyachicken #sgfood #burpple #igsg


Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle / Hor Fun ($4.80 each)
Sadly, we were first disappointed with the dry & stiff looking hor fun. Followed by the disappointingly too sweet sauce. Nothing wowed us at all 🙁 Chilli was not fantastic too. The chicken was tender but not tasty. I wonder why the award & the hype 🤷🏻‍♀️ The soy sauce chicken noodle at Chinatown is much much much better 😂


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but have you heard?
If you want all you can eat servings of the same chicken, plus unlimited rice, plus unlimited cold seafood, plus unlimited sushi, plus unlimited sashimi, plus unlimited laksa, plus unlimited desserts (actually certain desserts run out), plus photo opportunity with Chef Chan. He's going to @FullertonHotel's #TownRestaurant for the dinner buffet. When? 1-10 June. Check with the hotel the dates Chef Chan will be there. He will be there 5 out of the 10 days in person. Shall I make a booking? Hehe...

Prefer the Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle ($4.80) because of the QQ texture as compared to the Hor Fun ($4.80). Love how generous they were with the sauce!
Also tried the 2 Combination Platter ($6) with Char Siew and Roasted Pork. We are more in love the former hehehe 😬

Finally able to squeeze in some time for the famous Michelin starred noodles. It was a 15 minutes wait but it was so worth it. The noodles were so tangy and chili went so well with its dark soy sauce. What surprised me the most was its tender and large servings of chicken that came with some slurp worthy skin which eventually made me finish the noodles in 10 minutes. At $4.80, this gotta be the cheapest Michelin fare you can find in the world!


It came with the chopped drumstick and the meat was really tender. The sweet chili sauce made it even more savory and might have overpowered the chicken taste. I need to compare this to the original but for its price, this is definitely cheap and good. Perfect for the weekday after work dinner.

Cheap & good! Soya sauce chicken (the main draw) is smooth, tender & juicy; pair it with rice or noodle.

With the opening of the new 18 Tai Seng (that’s really the name of the building…) comes a slew of well-known food establishments like Tsuta Ramen, Tim Ho Wan, and our own local star Liao Fan Hawker Chan. Big yay for the quiet neighbourhood!
Even though the order queue moves faster than expected, be prepared to wait at least half an hour for your food to be ready. In the meantime, let’s play “Fastest Butt First!”, even though it’s apparently a bigger space from the Smith Street outlet.
I’m more of a “Hainanese white chicken rice” person, but I’ll give that up in a beat for a plate of this. The glistening soy-marinated skin is so tasty with the juicy white meat. Glad we ordered the plain noodles which were thin and springy, and doused with probably the same delicious soy sauce as the chicken.
The combination platter of roast pork, char siew and pork ribs is worth adding on if you’re sharing food in a group, though the char siew needs more caramelising, and the pigs need more feeding (ribs were kinda lean, too lean). My mother said that the wonton soup tasted less herbal compared to the SS outlet’s, though in general the food portions are bigger (*cough* still new that’s why *cough*).
Now that there's a second outlet further away from central area, we no longer have to bear the longer queues with tourists! 😬


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