[CLOSED] Hawkerman (SingPost Centre)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * HAWKERMAN™ is a collection of curated stories representing Singapore’s Hawker fares with the combined history of more than 130 years. In this latest concept by Tenderfresh Group, the best of the ‘street food’ recipes from across Singapore were handpicked and delivered to you at a single location. From crispy fried farm fresh spring chicken by Tenderfresh to delicious 60’s Hokkien Mee fried with the distinctive prawn broth from Warong Kim’s, or the healthy stew of 7 key ingredients that makes up the Rainbow fillings; a heritage recipe handed down since 1977 to make our Ah Boy’s Hokkien popiah, there’s always something for everyone.

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price: $6.90

tasted like bolognese but instead of noodles, it’s soggy fries😳 honestly felt that the egg was just there for presentation since it didn’t really add to the flavour. other than this, they also have many other unique type of fries like sedap lemak, chicken floss etc.

rate: 7/10✨

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Lor mee portion super huge and generous with clams and prawns. Tom yam nasi lemak not spicy enough but overall still good.

Hokkien Mee with fried chicken and chapalang which is a bit like Korean rice with mixed items that's why it's called chapalang.

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Offering very reasonable prices in a cafe setting, the food here was really above our expectations !
Tender, fresh and piping hot chicken ($7.90+), popiah ($3.90+) and the my my.. yummy Hokkien mee with lotsa prawns ($9.90+) 😻

Was scrolling around on foodpanda app wondering what to order for lunch. Chanced upon the Bento menu for hawkerman and knew I had to get it! I ate hawkerman once in the past and liked it. And this superb hawkerman Bento consists of the best of the best items that they are selling! There is fried chicken chop, hokkien mee, fried carrot cake with co sauce and popiah fillings as the 'salad'! For someone who loves variety, this was the perfect takeaway Bento food for me! Used foodpanda selfpick up option and it was $10.23 (save more by buying foodpanda vouchers from shopback/ shopee)!

If you are new to shopback/ shopee / foodpanda and will like to sign up for an account, do DM me and I can share with you my referral code which will give you discounts for your first order!! 🥳

At Hawkerman, you can get dishes from Tenderfresh, Warong Kim’s Hokkien Mee and Ah Boy Popiah, and one such creation is the stir-fried hokkien mee served with a piece of fried chicken. Its everything you would wish for in a single plate that consists of slightly wet hokkien mee that has the essential wok hei and is sprinkled with generous amount of pork lard to a well-marinated and juicy piece of fried chicken. Fortunately for us, there are available on several delivery platforms and you can get them at the comfort of your own home today.
📍 Hawkerman
10 Eunos Road 8, Singpost Centre, Unit B1-128/129, Singapore 408600

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