1006 Upper Serangoon Road
Tai Peng Gardens
Singapore 534744

06:00pm - 04:00am

06:00pm - 04:00am

06:00pm - 04:00am

06:00pm - 04:00am

06:00pm - 04:00am

06:00pm - 04:00am

06:00pm - 04:00am

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Reviews at Heng Long Teochew Porridge 兴隆潮洲粥 (Upper Serangoon)

Reviews of good food at Heng Long Teochew Porridge 兴隆潮洲粥 (Upper Serangoon)

Rain or shine, this is the ideal hearty meal with a bowl of rice porridge in one hand, and the other picking up dishes to eat with it. What I also like is the wide variety of dishes that you can choose including my favourite steamed fish cake, minced pork and braised pig’s skin. What’s are some of your favourite dishes that you usually order to go with your porridge?
Heng Long Teochew Porridge
Address: 1006, Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534744

$14 shared for 2. 💗👍🏻 it’s just beside the Teochew porridge stall

Ahh supper. Thank you for all your comforts in the midst of a busy week. Here's one that never fails to satisfy! Hearty, tasty but simple, some must-orders are their large braised intestines and the chilli lala! 😛

Supper type of meal but good for simple and light dinner. Always love the array of dish choices to go with the simple plain porridge

Solid choice for supper in the north east! Opens till late night.

This teochew porridge is so legit. One of the places where I just need to say you need to get here. Go for everything in this photo. You won't regret it. Perfect for suppers. Visit now!

Late dinner/supper for a comforting bowl of teochew porridge with a myriad selection of ingredients to choose from. I loved their braised duck over here 👍 Price has been increasing over the years but it's still a great fix for teochew porridge ☺

Needed a fix for Teochew porridge and chance upon this place. Long queue but cleared very fast.

Heng Long Teochew Porridge at Upper Serangoon Road (after Kovan).

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So happy that they're opened during CNY! I need my curry fix soon! Check out for the restaurants/eateries that will be open throughout this Chinese New Year 😋😍

Always a safe option that can never go wrong. There's nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of porridge served with small plates of food Teochew style. The prawn-paste chicken was not bad, although it was probably sitting there for a while as it was a tad cold and not that crispy. Their omelette was good, soft, and still warm. For this many dishes and 3 bowls of porridge, it cost us $15 which is so much more affordable than all the cafe food. This was at the branch at Tanjong Katong, although there's another at Upper Serangoon Road as well. Perfect for supper!

We came for supper at night, and it was bustling. What we found interesting was that the drinks stall was across the road, and the runners actually had to cross the road to deliver drinks. I found that quite very amusing. Anyhow, I love the porridge here!! Thick, soft chunks of rice, and hei bee hiam, vegetables are not too salty and fresh, and they have one of the widest selections of ingredients. Would recommend this place for a hearty and nutritious dinner or supper :)

Still my good, old trusty place when I'm in need of some comfort food. Once in a while, they fall short of my expectation but some days it is just sooooo good. $32 for everything in there and I gotta say it's slightly pricier but I'll still have it anyways.

Bill came up to about $17. The meaty fishtail was about $8, and although it was left there not freshly steamed, it still tasted quite fresh. The flesh didn't soak up any of the sweet tasty broth. Caipoh omelette tasted pretty normal, not sure where the caipoh went.

The one week-old branch of Yi Heng Long on Tanjong Katong (it's next to the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak) attracted a crowd during the night we were there. After our dinner, my conclusion is: be prepared for hits and misses.
What looked impressive was the wide variety of fish they offer - a sure thing to please traditional Teochews. And I am talking about both cooked and uncooked options; the latter was displayed on a bed of ice at a separate stand for customers to choose and decide on the preparation style. For the dishes we tried, the ones I enjoyed most were the sesame oil chicken and minced pork in spicy black bean sauce. The "chai por" omelette was decent and the vegetable dishes, average.
Not fairing well at all were the steamed fish and baby squid. They were completely tasteless and I am referring to the flesh, not the seasoning. My guess is these poor sea-dwellers were victims of the dreaded much-too-long soak in melted ice. 🙁 To be fair, the fish was a ready-cooked dish and not freshly-steamed. If it was the latter, I would expect it to brim with flavour since I'd be forking out extra moolah for it. The porridge itself was also lacking, being too mushy and with no sweet potatoes in sight or taste. Ok, maybe I am too picky with that last point but you can blame it on me being half Teochew! 😝

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