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From the Burpple community

Went to this branch at 830pm on a weekday, and the service staff who looks like the store manager was very polite to us and allowed us to stay later than usual!

Good experience!

This French inspired japanese cake store is my all time favourite. The strawberry shortcake ($10.50)cream has a really light taste, so you do not need to feel fat when eating lots of cream. And their ($7.90) double cheese cake(baked and mouse) coated with cookie crumbs is my favourite as well. You can also buy whole cake version at their store.

There is a reason why they charge such high price for cakes. And you will understand what I mean once u taste it. Their cakes are far from the best anyone has ever eaten.

Henri’s signature cheesecake - awesome and good blend of the double cheeses! Pretty light considering it’s double-cheese. There’s a hint of caramel to it as well- from the top powdery later


Dainty, pretty and definitely tastes as good as it looks. The light chiffon is a nice blend to the tart base. Strawberries were juicy and sweet!!


Perfectly light cake where it just feels like pillowy goodness! One slice felt like it just vanished so quickly as you bite through it. Strawberries were just nice as well not too sour🍓


This Double Cheesecake is super light and 'melt in your mouth'!!!

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