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Herbal Oasis

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Herbal Oasis offers healthy and delicious meals in a peaceful and comfortable environment. Our menu is developed by registered TCM physicians and includes herb-infused dishes and soups, as well as freshly-brewed herbal teas and desserts that benefit your overall well-being.


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Achievement unlocked: I think I might have tried all the soup flavours at Herbal Oasis😂 Finally checked Ginseng Chicken Soup ($18 inclusive of sweet potato brown rice and minced meat tofu side) off the menu and the soup is pleasantly clear and bittersweet. It is supposed to strengthen qi and kidney yang, and enhance the immune system (sounds good just drink)🤓 I must say that Herbal Oasis is one of the few places where every single item on the menu is consistently good. Hidden gem indeed!

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The Danggui and Logan Duck Soup from Herbal Oasis ($18, inclusive of rice and side) is very sweet and flavourful - I finished the whole bowl down to the very last drop:P Apparently it helps to tonify blood and nourish yin, and promote blood circulation and a healthy glow on the skin (please work, especially the last part😂🙏🏻). Paired with yam rice and my favourite tofu with minced meat, it is a very hearty lunch that leaves one feeling nourished without being overly full:) Looking forward to trying all the different soups on the menu one day😬!

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It’s been a while since I had my favourite set lunch ($18) at Herbal Oasis, which comprises of soup, side dish and rice of your choice. The Qi Tonic Chicken Soup is sweet with herbal/bitter undertones, which gives it a very well balanced taste. The chicken is very tender as well. The bitter gourd omelette is crisp, light and the sweet goji berries in the omelette neutralise the slight bitterness of the thinly sliced bitter gourd. Completed my meal with a delicious bowl of sweet potato brown rice. Soul Food Soul Good😌


It’s been a while since I visited Herbal Oasis for a good soup fix! Given my recent OT marathon at work and accumulated slept debt, I thought it is timely to give the Black Chicken Herbal Soup ($18 for rice, soup and side) a try, which apparently is a “booster for qi and blood for vitality and rejuvenation”💪🏻 The blackish soup does not have the most appetising appearance, but it’s really good! I like the sweet herbal taste, which goes really well with the sweet potato brown rice. The black chicken is soft and infused with the herbal fragrance of the soup😋 Glad to tick yet another good soup off their menu!

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Back for my favourite guilt-free lunch set ($12) at Herbal Oasis🤗 This time, I had Almond Aloe Vera Herbal Soup (refreshing clear soup with almonds and aloe vera to nourish lung and skin) and Yam Rice:) The soup was great as usual - light and naturally sweet. I doubt this restaurant has any soup on the menu that will disappoint. The yam rice came with a generous portion of yam chunks and mushroom as well:) Another 2 flavours checked!

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Look who’s back at Herbal Oasis! After the amazing Snow Pear with Fig Soup I had during my last visit, I’ve been looking forward to another visit to satisfy my craving:)! This time round, I ordered the $12 set meal consisting Papaya White Fungus Herbal Soup (nourishes lung, harmonizes stomach and resolves internal dampness) and Olive Rice. The soup was very sweet and the pork ribs were tender. Initially I was a little skeptical about the papaya as I am not a fan of the fruit, but it turned out to be soft and sweet, almost like carrots:)! I love how sweet and light the soup was - 完全零负担😍 The olive rice was a tad drier than the brown rice with sweet potato I had previously, but still a great match with the Silken Toufu with Minced Pork and Chinese Yam ($8) nonetheless. Will be back for more!