190 Middle Road
#01-13/14 Fortune Centre
Singapore 188979

11:30am - 10:00pm

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Reviews at Herbivore

Reviews of good food at Herbivore

I like the taste and the presentation of the food. One will eat the plant not flour

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Unagi roll and Avocado roll
Guess what?! Purely vegetarian !
A bit pricey but worth a try
Taste: 4/5

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8 Pcs, plant-based salmon, crab stick, avocado and Japanese cucumber roll in Japanese vinegared rice topped with crispy floss and dipped with Japanese mayonnaise and special sauce

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The gyōza at Herbivore are filled with mushrooms πŸ„ This was surprisingly good for someone like me who avoided gyōza coz I hated Chinese chives πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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Grilled homemade plant-based unagi, daikon salad, potato salad, stir-fried vegetables, homemade mushroom cake, Japanese pickles, Japanese rice, miso soup and homemade yuzu jelly dessert 》$26

This vegetarian (Japanese-Western) fusion restaurant has great ambience and dimly lit lightings. The self-ordering tablets which offers a wide range of Japanese and Western choices would keep you busy for a while.

As a fan of Japanese food, this is really an unforgettable experience. Never have I ever thought the texture and taste of mock meat to be spot-on. Although their prices seems to be a little steep, they were compensated with great ambience, generous portion and excellent service.Β 

The bento 🍱 are good to order if you have a good appetite and want to try a spread of dishes.

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Carbonara spaghetti, plant-based fish 🐟 with teriyaki sauce, mix salad vegetable πŸ₯—, pepper fries 🍟 and mushroom πŸ„ soup

Japanese rice with deep-fried plant-based fish, salad vegetables, miso soup, homemade dessert

Interesting vegan bento set that comes with a large portion! Small eater pls don't attempt to finsh this by your own. Vietnamese spring roll was very refreshing. Tonkatsu and fried calamari was really a surprising imitation that tasted just like the real deal! Comes with a side salad, mashed potato, miso soup and japanese rice! Nice place to have a vegan affairs together with a group of people for a less sinful treat!

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Okay the sushi rolls were rly as good as the real ones. I mean, the overall taste rly pulled it off. If you would dissect them and eat it, it would be wasting the chef's efforts and unless you are just rly curious how it tasted individually.

Situated in Fortune Centre. This is rly great for friends who are vegetarians. You could come as a non vegetarian but still enjoy the food here. It rly tasted like meatballs.


I didn't expect to find natto soba in the menu of this romantic little restaurant but when I did, oh boy was I excited. The noodles were slippery and if you know anything about natto, the smooth factor was TOP notch. It was my first time having natto with cold soba and despite it being slightly messy, it was quite enjoyable.

Vegan Japanese food for the souls who don't want to hurt animals, or perhaps just those who want to feel a little healthier! This smart casual restaurant serves Japanese food of all kinds, yes, even vegetarian sashimi. The unagi roll had delectable cubes of avocado and an unreal texture of the eel itself. If you're looking for something more exotic, try the natto soba, slippery and savoury, an absolute delight for the senses.

First time having mock sashimi, and even though it doesn't necessarily taste like actual sashimi, kudos to the creators for making it look and feel like actual sushi (less slimy and wet tho) Really happy to have a place I can dig into vegetarian mock meat sushi whenever I have sushi cravings. Was recommended here by a lovely friend of mine 🍣


I tried this out of curiosity and my verdict is stick to the real thing.

(vs Teng Bespoke at Sunshine Plaza β˜€οΈ). The menu options here are much wider // portions are also larger and food more delicious 😁 Had the Salmon Avocado Maki 🍣 and Deep Fried Yam Rolls /w Thai chilli sauce! Haha think the "salmon" is made of konnyaku jelly (maybe?). QQ one yet had a consistency resembling fish hahaha. In any case, their menu looked so meaty and yum, the parents had to double cfm with the boss/waiter that the menu is rly 100% vegetarian πŸ˜…

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