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After watching TV In Singapore recommending this place I went ahead against my friend's warning that this was nothing fanciful to try this dish. Boy, I was indeed disappointed, the claypot rice was not even worth taking a photo and this was just oil and oyster. I heard the opposite stall sells the oyster better and I had better listened to people's advice when it comes to oyster!

One of the two famous claypot rice along Temple Street! Good enough to try once but not enough to lure me back for second try.

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Hing Kee is known for their claypot rice in temple street, Hong Kong. Four season was nearby but there's a queue so we decided to try Hing Kee. Prices consider cheap but I thought the claypot rice tasted normal 😕 not as fragrant as the ones we had in sgp. Will try four seasons next.

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Went around Temple Street first before finally deciding where to have dinner. Hing kee was hard to miss as it had several branches on Temple Street alone. This dish doesn't look appetizing, but you have to take my word for it. It is gooood! The pork almost tastes like our Pinoy tocino, only milder. The dish only gets better once you mix in the special soy sauce, chili and ground black pepper. This is a winner for me.

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It is not fun to become free-flow buffet for the blood sucking mozzies in the forest. 😢