[CLOSED] Hokkaido IceCream Puff

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damage done: $7.80 (3.90 each)

🍦: Mint Chips & Chocolate Chips with White Chips Ice Cream Puff
πŸ“: Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff @ Haji Lane

damage done: $3.90

🍦: Mint Chips Ice Cream Puff
πŸ“: Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff @ Haji Lane

chanced upon this during my previous trip @ Haji Lane and i've always wanted to give this a try! and ooooo' shit, mid week sweet treat anyone...??πŸ™‹πŸ»

this lil' cute pastel coloured cafe wasn't open for business when we walked past it during lunch time (12pm) so we gave it a chance and returned back here to grab us each an ice cream puff for dessert! they open @ ard 1pm!

definitely no regrets getting this sinfully creamy ice cream "KIAPED" in a choux-like pastry puff! YUMZ IN MY TUMZ πŸ’–

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Und wenn es zwischen den Cheux ist, schmeckt es besser
Danke @dhoby_ghaut_muc fΓΌr deine Gesellschaft.

Ice Cream Puff - S$3.90
πŸ“: Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff, Singapore

Price: $5.90
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Damn! This puff is really crispy 😍 This is a huge choux puff baked with a crispy craquelin and stuffed to the brim with Azuki Matcha Ice Cream. The craquelin (chocolate flavoured if I'm not wrong) really made the choux pastry really crispy. As for the ice cream, it was really creamy and did not melt too fast. πŸ™‚ However, I wished the matcha flavour was stronger ☹️ as all I tasted was the azuki beans which was quite in abundance in the ice cream. Overall, the combination of crunchy and creamy was great!

It's recommended to eat the ice cream with the spoon first. Then, once the ice cream is half finished, squeeze the remaining ice cream between the choux puff and eat it like an ice cream sandwich πŸ˜— Glad I heeded their advice and OH MY GOSH, it was super-licious (Super delicious haha) I do not know how they managed to keep the choux puff warm and crispy but eating it with the cold ice cream was πŸ’―

Would love to come back again πŸ€—


The taro flavour surely didn’t disappoint and is a good stop for a quick snack in Arab Street.


[$3.90] Matcha Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff

Pretty amazing deal! For only $3.90, this is really worth it! The serving is generous with a large scoop of ice cream and the matcha ice cream was not too bad either but not the best that I've tasted. First bite into the ice cream, you can really taste the strong and empowering matcha taste but it does fade a little as you continue. And the outer crust is really amazing, it's sweet, crumbly and slightly crispy which goes extremely well with the ice cream! They've also got other flavours and a few premium ones that cost a little more. Definitely a must try!