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Finally get to try this!
Ordered a small bowl $3 (number 3)
Didn’t find anything special, noodles are chewy and nice. But not much flavour. Can only taste the chili.
The beancurd with meat (?) inside is nice tho!

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This stall specialises in kolo mee, kampua mee and yongtaufoo. While I felt the overall dish was yummy & had enough flavour to it such that I finished everything clean, I don't think it has the original kolo mee flavour nor the bouncy texture of the curly kolo noodles. But still worth it !


Fancy fusion hawker food? Go to holland drive market and try this smoked salmon chee cheong fun with ebi roe. Interesting combi..but i still like ccf traditional.


This set of Kway Chap with pig intestines, duck meat, tau pok and tau kua costs $5.50. The serving was generous and the taste was pretty decent but I felt that the chili sauce was lacking some kick. There's always a long queue in front of the stall especially during lunch time.

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Lao Chen ji
Cantonese style wanton noodles

From a stall at holland drive Hawker which has a regular snaking queue , these wanton noodles is pretty good . Not sure why the stall is calls this Cantonese style wanton noodles because from the way that the char siew and the wantons are prepared / cooked , there is nothing quite Cantonese about it. Cantonese style char siew is supposedly to be charred / glazed at the sides and are usually more fatty and Cantonese style wantons are usually made with shrimps only and no meat .

Nevertheless, this wanton horfun is pretty tasty with a good spicy and slightly sweet homemade Chili sauce and ( ironically ) reminds me of the traditional( local style ) wanton noodles I have eaten since as a child .

The horfun texture is QQ and the wantons are pretty plump with good cuts of meat ( which are not too fatty ) . Char siew is the cardboard type lean char siew I am used to ( which is typical of traditional wanton noodles) .

Do give their Hk noodles a try - i see more patrons ordering the Hk style noodles as opposed to horfun so that must be good too 😊

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This porridge was the perfect breakfast- warm, comforting and full of ingredients! They put a generous amount of you tiao as well, and the porridge is so well seasoned. Can’t remember the unit number, but it’s beside a Malay food store and somewhat near Ru Ji Kitchen Fishball Noodles which my parents eat every Saturday for breakfast. I love their fishballs because of their slight sweetness and I never drink soup- but I can easily finish half a bowl of their clear soup! It’s really amazing.

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