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Black Bean Pork Soup $4.50 from 炖汤之家.
Comforting and wholesome.
Highly recommended!


Added meatballs, taukwa and ajitsuke tamago. This is not a bad bowl of thunder tea rice but I still prefer the one at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. The egg is legit.

Finally get to try this!
Ordered a small bowl $3 (number 3)
Didn’t find anything special, noodles are chewy and nice. But not much flavour. Can only taste the chili.
The beancurd with meat (?) inside is nice tho!

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Yong Tau Foo's taste for ingredients was quite weird and sour. I think some ingredients are not fresh but for soup otherwise was decent and comforting for rain season. The stall have also selling kolo mee. For yong tau foo can choose between soup, mala and dry base and six ingredients + free noodle ($3).

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This stall specialises in kolo mee, kampua mee and yongtaufoo. While I felt the overall dish was yummy & had enough flavour to it such that I finished everything clean, I don't think it has the original kolo mee flavour nor the bouncy texture of the curly kolo noodles. But still worth it !


Fancy fusion hawker food? Go to holland drive market and try this smoked salmon chee cheong fun with ebi roe. Interesting combi..but i still like ccf traditional.