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Reviews at Holland Village Market & Food Centre

Reviews of good food at Holland Village Market & Food Centre

From Chang Sheng Western Food, another western foods stall here at the hawker centre for $4.

At only $3.50, enjoy a bowl of springy noodles with generous toppings of minced meat, lean pork slices, juicy meatballs, all in a broth with hints of vinegar and soy sauce. I felt that the vinegar used was slightly different from the one at Upper Thomson, but nevertheless, a cheap and good meal!

This looked like Pontian wonton mee but the chili tasted different. Slightly sweeter. The soup was good. Quite a lot of liao inside. I enjoyed it.

Fans of the Thomson Ming Fa BCM (including me) might be happy to know that they have a stall here too!
The noodles were well coated with an assortment of sauces, and came with a bowl of soup that had a generous serving of fishballs, fishcakes and a fish wanton.

Tasted this claypot rice for $5! Indeed fragrant and tasty! Sweet and savoury! Chicken bits are tender and fat! Whats more! Quick, fast and affordable! Love this! Simple review reflects how i describe good, fast and simple good food! Will come again! Do try out too!

Super springy noodles are coated with black sauce and chili before getting topped with a generous amount of fresh vegetables and minced pork. I personally like breaking the poached egg and mixing it into the noodles as not only does the yolk adds another element of richness but it also binds everything together. Crunchy anchovies are liberally sprinkled over the bowl giving it another dimension of texture and flavor.

The soup also deserves a mention. Fish and pork bones are lovingly boiled for hours giving the soup its signature robustness. It’s also one of the few places that I dont feel the msg-laden aftereffects.

This stall at Holland Village is unique in sense as the owner adds evaporated milk to the broth. According to the affable uncle, this adds an element of richness and also tempers out the spiciness of the soup.

The soup is super flavorful and ingredients generous. The noodles are also springy and cooked just right.

Fish Soup

The noodles were slurpy and rather filling, that tasted quite average. It comes with minced meat, mani cai and sprinkled with ikan bilis and fried shallots for a hearty meal.

The craving for Tom Yum Ban Mian at the hawker center at Holland Village always lingers on the back of my mind because it is always consistently good.

Opened from Tuesday to Sunday and costing only $3.50, you get a substantial amount of hand made noodles and a generous amount of minced pork and vegetables. The pork is not dry but tender and doesn't disintegrate into tiny pieces. They mellow out the fiery tomyam by wisely adding evaporated milk which adds some sweetness and richness. Not a very common practice but surprisingly it goes well!!

Taste (7/10)
Ambience (6/10)
Overall (7/10)

The charsiu might not have greatest marbling but their chilli and black sauce make up for it. Strong flavors coat each strand of firm chewy noodle and the wantons are soft with generous filling. However, the best part of this it that it only costs $2.50. #cheapandgood I can't remember the name of the stall, but it's the one that also sells chicken rice at the corner.

Like your regular plate of hokkien mee but with lesser pork/lard lingering fatty taste & with more prawn/shrimp taste! @$3.00 nett only!! Add $0.20 for take away containers, standard right?!

I yearned for local hawker food. There’s really something about lining up and chopeing for tables with flimsy packets of tissue or Eating at a hawker center with sweat pouring down your face as you ponder whether that request for extra chilli was worth it that speaks to every true blue singaporean.
The minced meat noodles at holland village hawker centre has perennial long lines and its not hard to see why.
Despite costing about $3.50, the bowl was generously filled with minced meat and sliced pork allowing you to have bits of meat with every bite. The meat was tender and tasty pairing well with the springy noodles that were evenly coated with lashings of vinegar and chilli. I loved the generous amount of stewed mushrooms which added to the overall savouriness of the meal.

Went past the stall yesterday and saw a queue here during lunch hour. Met a friend in the area and decided to give it a try, and thankfully this was the last bowl left for the day. Served chilled, it was amazingly smooth and silken for one that was left on the shelf for quite some time without being mushed into bits. There was also quite an ample amount of syrup added as it was desirably sweet; definitely something I would go for again if I happen to be in the area again!

Our first breakfast together before work. Not the most romantic of places, but convenient, with a decent range and affordable food. Priorities when one has to wake up earlier heheh.

I enjoyed the crispy ikan billis, and the spicy/savoury long beans (will probably go better with rice - next time then!). But more so than anything, even the non-crowded hawker centre (huge difference from the weekends), it's the company that made this breakfast great.

My first encounter with this stall was when a colleague asked me to help her dapao the ipoh hor fun from this corner stall - "the corner stall!" she said, "we always eat this when we're here!" Alas, it was closed that day.

Fast forward a few weeks later, I finally had the chance to try this plate of ipoh horfun during another visit to the holland v market. The chef was a rather young lady, and was very friendly, reminding me to help myself to a bowl of soup infront of the stall.

Chicken was tender, generous amount of vegetables, horfun and sauce were really tasty. Definitely enjoyed the meal!

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