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Holycrab finally makes its debut along the charming streets of Tan Quee Lan after enjoying 7 years of private dining. Helmed by Chef Elton Seah, he has teamed up with entrepreneur, Jamie Lim – owner of Joo Bar and 8 Korean BBQ – to bring Holycrab to the public with a cosy restaurant that sits about 30 people. With a mission to bring the eponymous Singapore-style crab to the next level, there is something for every avid crustacean lover in its signature dishes. If the ultimate Singapore crab dish is what you desire, then Holycrab has no substitute.

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Look at that craaaab. 😍 I’ve always hated eating crabs as I find it more tedious than enjoyable, not until I’ve tried chili crab (first time was still in KL). Holy Crab’s ($9+/100g) is no different as they cook it very well. We chose level 2 of heat, and it’s just the right amount of spice you would want if you’re chili-averse like me lol. We paired it with their mantou ($4+ for 5) which could be improved as it’s a bit oily. Enjoyed every bit of this 1.3kg crab. Probably one of the mid-range crab places I’ve tried that totally didn’t disappoint!


Good laaard, this dish is one reason why holycrab is on the #burpplesghot100.

Anything with that much lard is bound to be good. Loads of fresh ingredients, with a strong wok hei that adds a ton of flavor. This is really the bomb diggity. It's slightly wetter than most, but the trade off is worth it.


😷 Aside from durians, I’ve been thinking back on this green chilli crab that I ate at HolyCrab some months ago. Yup you read that right, GREEN chilli! I usually avoid eating it because I dislike the sharp sourness - I make an exception for jalapeño, don’t ask me why.
The green chilli sauce here, however, had none of that unpleasant acid, and plenty of yummy from the aromatic spice blend or rempah, scallions, candlenut, lemongrass and two types of green chilli. Kinda like chilli crab dressed in a kebaya. Wipe up the unique sauce with the mantous - here, they fry the kong ba bao buns so you get more surface area 🤤
This was from a hosted tasting thanks to @burpple and @holycrab.sg.


Pink peppercorns were meant to taste sweeter than the usual black ones - didn’t seem any different, but crab was sufficiently good. Preferred the butter-sauced version.


Balsamic - Inspired by hairy crabs with vinegar, this dish is prepared with balsamic vinegar, red chilli and curry leaves. Sour, sweet and savoury at the same time.
Location: @holycrab.sg 2 Tan Queen Lan Street, #01-03, Singapore 188091
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Also pleasantly pleased with this photo #ShotOniPhone using the iPhone 8 Plus, and minimally editted using only the iOS original photo app that came pre-installed with the phone. It's the new Studio Portrait mode that darkens most stuffs in the background.
Now about the noodles I enjoyed here. This vermicelli has quintessential wok-fried smokiness to it, soaked in crab broth that was also generous with lots of clams. Love that broth, which was simmered for more than 5 hours with flower crabs, peppercorns and lemongrass as well. It's very tasty comfort food, and i forsee myself ordering this during my office lunches.
[Invited Tasting]