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Please freeze as it turns into puree if not frozen

Flavour was not bad, strong and sweet enough and slightly bitter. Really liked the Charcoal skin too which had some taste, at first i tot it was black sesame lol


Delicious durian flesh in thin charcoal snowskin, yums! I’ve been missing out on this for yearss! It’s by Home’s Favourite, got it from the event hall at Plaza Sing. Freeze it, thaw it for 15mins & you’re ready to devour it. ($69 for 4, after 10% disc)
Fun fact: Charcoal flavored snowskin deemed to be a healthier choice!

These golden phoenix durian mooncakes are the richest in durians wrapped in the softest snowskin. Not to forget their maoshanwang ones too.

And i have to ask my mum to save some for me. Well, bcos you know my mum.

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The tart pastry matters most to me & yes, how cool is that to have it black from charcoal powder added to the buttery crumbly delicacy! There're gold flakes sprinkled on the pineapple filling too!


Flatlay of Home’s favourite Charcoal Snowskin mooncake