Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions


From the Burpple community

Expect to find pastries like 老婆饼, yam pastry etc. They have very interesting flavours too like lotus / pumpkin etc. There were also big chocolate chips cookie / almond biscuit at only $1.20!! But what struck me the most was the cakes they sell!!! To just name some of them: banana cake, banana walnut cake, lemon orange cake, brownies and even carrot cake- all at very affordable price!! This slice of carrot cake without cream cheese cost only $1.60!! Inside is filled with nuts, raisins and ofc carrots! It isn't too sweet which is rly good!! And cake is slightly on the moist side rather than being crumbly dry! Very worth my moolahhhh 🤪❤ not the best but srsly rly GOOD for $1.60! :-)

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- Brownie Banana, $4.50
- Yam Pastry, $1.30
- Salted Egg & Lotus Pastry, $1.50
- Baked Tapioca Kueh, $1.50
- Steamed Tapioca Kueh (yellow/green), $1
- Red Bean Banana Bun, $1.50
- Sweet Potato Bun, $1.30
- Yam Bun, $1.30


- Red Bean Bun L, $2.50
- Chocolate Bun, $1.40


- Sweetheart Cake 老婆饼 lao po bing, $1.30
- Coconut Tart, $1.30
- 素莲蓉 su lian rong, $1.50

- Clementi
- Teck Whye
- Yishun

Another of their sweet tart flavour was pumpkin seed with assorted nuts. This is less sweeter than their walnut rendition that i have tried before. Love their hard tart crust, crumbly and nice buttery fragance!

Wasn’t moist and was a tad dry and other than the chocolate on top, the cake has not much chocolate taste. 4.0/10

Base of the tart is hard crust filled with sweetened walnuts. Very light on the palate, nice crunch from the walnut and the tart base. The white sesame seed enhance the fragance of the tart! Good snack to go with a cup of tea.

Topped with pumpkin seed, the yam filling is on the sweeter side. Love the flaky pastry skin. Yam is also not too thick and not too sweet.