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From the Burpple community

Sometimes, you do something because of sentimental value, even if it seems silly. Today was one. Traipsed all the way back to Central from Kowloon, just to get 1x sea salt choc chip cookie.
This was also 'on the way'. Coolly bypassed Tai Cheong bakery for this egg tart. Not the shortcrust version, but one with flaky layers. The wobbly custard threatened to spill out with a single bite. Worth every extra step took here, because the search for the best egg tart can end here. :D


The egg tarts tasted average except that the egg custard was super wobbly.

Much better than Tai Cheong in my opinion. Pineapple polo bun is average though! #mitsuekitravels

This gotta be one of the best egg tarts I had ever eaten in my life!!! Silky, melt in your mouth filling and crispy tarts.... Heavenly!!!! 😭

A lot of people recommend the egg tarts here. But to be honest, the egg was a bit too watery and runny for me. For good egg tarts, I rather go to sun wah cafe for flaky crust or tai cheong for the classic tart...

Prefer this compared t tai cheong's