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[CLOSED] House of Happiness

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At first i tot it's weird to serve pork Jowl with claypot rice, even if u have a very good version of it. However when i tasted it it all made sense. The pork Jowl was cooked to a gelatinous mess, because of its high fat content. Being so soft, it's almost like a thick sauce when mixed into the rice, and so goes perfectly on a bowl of claypot rice.
Highly recommended comfort food

Btw as much as i didnt like their rendang spice the last time, after watching food king i went in again with an open mind, and actl found it not too bad. It completely changes the taste profile of the bowl, with well spiced curry notes, and a lingering heat as well.

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Full of umami on paper, and it was okay but the pork lard and bacon could have better textures. Esp the bacon that was crisp but not juicy, it was more like bacon chips.

Btw water is charge able at 0.6nett(and they dont Tell u that)


The sambal looking one is redolent of rendang, and i feel doesnt particularly go well with anything.

The lime chili was not bad, but the garlic chili soya Sauce was memorable. The garlic matches so well it really made me question why dont more places do it. While the garlic flavour is strong there isnt a bite at all

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PSA THEIR RED PLASTIC BAG LETS OIL THRU. request for another plastic bag or be very careful when holding it so that no sauce spills out of the box, else after a while it will leak oil

There's this tang in the sauce that's very distinct from the usual pig trotters, and thus i wasnt the biggest Fan of it, despite it being really tender with the meat slipping out from the bone.


probably knew that at some point of time, so i felt abit stupid for ordering the lorbak since i am sure im heading to mr lorbak some time.

The interplay between ikura, Tobiko and onsen Egg couldnt go wrong, but its better to scoop out the toppings with a bit of rice and mix it up to fully enjoy the briny flavours. Following that, u can order Side dishes to go with the rest of the rice. Somehow the Base is still crispy, despite the relatively short waiting time, but theyre definitely doing sth different as the soccarat tasted like crunchy snacks, being harder and more burnt than the usual claypot rice.

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Fragrant claypot rice. However, the brinjal was cut into cubes and the portion of the brinjal was little. It seems like I’m eating rice only.


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