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From the Burpple community

Still like their char siew glaze that's sweet, slightly funky and alcoholic. The texture is average, there's a teeny bit of crisp

Siobak was good, this time it was on the leaner side not overly fatty

Texture was fine but the marination is weak, it's somewhat tasteless without sauce

I didn't know this but huazai is apparently a franchise chain that doesn't bother with standardising recipes. This means that each stall tastes different

The char siew tastes as good as it looks, very strong sweet glaze and the marbling gave it a great bite.

Siew yoke was alright, some pieces were too fatty though

Duck was standard

Their dark sauce is very inadequate, the chili is slightly sweet and garlicky

Overall not too bad, the char siew was particularly impressive


Not bad but nth fantastic. Portion abit small. The chill is the star of the dish

This is really affordable compared to other places and the portion was enough. Chicken was tender just like the duck. Duck has herbal taste to it and was really distinct. Char siew has good proportion of fat to lean meat while the roasted pork was really thick per piece. Will definitely return for more of their roasted goodness.

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