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Hvala ([email protected])

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At Hvala Waffle Bar, you will enjoy gourmet waffle sticks in various exciting flavours at affordable prices!


From the Burpple community

Was craving for a good cup of matcha latte and found my way to hvala .

A little disappointed with the matcha latte here - not that the grade of green tea powder wasn’t good but more so the milk 🥛 overpowered the green tea powder and it wasn’t a harmonious drink.

It could likely be the brand of milk used .

It was a pretty small cup for 5.80 and the “ value Queen “ within me wasn’t too happy too.

Most of the cakes are also not made in house - I saw them at cafes else where and the gelatos were expensive😨.

Still on my search for a good cup of matcha latte 🥺

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For the uninitiated, genmaicha is actually toasted brown rice with green tea! Its a really fragrant drink, with robust notes of toasted rice which i love. Their ice blends are ideal if you don't like the "siap siap" powdery texture which might come with the usual lattes. I usually am fine with or without milk for the ice blends, but for the genmaicha I would totally recommend having it with milk, which i prefer due to the creamier and richer taste. If not, the taste is a little too thin and feels a little like just ingesting sugar water 😶

Do ask for your ice blends less sweet though, because i feel that the usual sweetness level is kind of a sugar overkill 😅

Lava cake filled with rich and authentic warm matcha complemented with hokkaido vanilla ice cream. Taste was perfect in a sense that it isnt too sweet and was simply a delight to have a mouth of both the lavacake and ice cream together.

 Premium Grade Whisked Matcha. Amazingly good, but quite pricey at $5. But its alright to pamper ourselves once in a while.

Smooth and rich - exactly what a matcha latte is supposed to be. Highly recommend!

Extremely smooth unsweetened matcha that was hand whisked upon ordering.