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IB HQ, is our cocktail bar. A brick and mortar space to showcase all our results of all our research by the Indigenous Bartender, a platform that was created for like-minded bartenders (and foodies) looking to explore locally sourced ingredients and their uses with a culinary and creative approach.


From the Burpple community

IB HQ (short for "The Indigenous Bartender Headquarters") seeks to showcase regional flavour and cultures, and their approach towards mixology is chef-like in its quest for gustatory surprise, at moments science lab-esque in its experimental mindset and laser-sharp precision, and others intriguingly child-like in its cheekiness and curiosity. The space plays it more cosy and intimate residential space than sophisticated urbanite chic, and is all the more better for it.

Their "Pi Pa" cocktail - no spoilers as to the ingredients - is one of the most audacious, brazen things I've tried this year, and damn do I wanna bring people here to experience it for themselves.

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