[CLOSED] Ice Fork

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107 North Bridge Road
#B2-K09 Funan
Singapore 179105

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From the Burpple community

Eatigo deal: 50% $2.5~

Stumbled across this gem while after dinner. 1st try Earl Grey milk tea with pearl, Large. Is nice but overload of ice melts instantly making the taste bland. Highly recommended drinks to go for eatigo! Lower or no ice will save ur drink taste.

As we were using the voucher, there was a smaller selection that we can choose from. We got the gula Melaka milk tea with pearls and the lychee rose earl grey tea. Don’t really like the latter as the earl grey is non existent.

Oreo milk was really just milk with crushed oreo bits at the bottom, and pearls. The pearls were hard and not very sweet so honestly they just got in the way of everything for me. I would have rather they skip the pearls and add more oreo bits instead, as the serving was quite paltry. 😥 But that aside, I enjoyed the full-bodied flavour of the fresh milk and the (few) oreo bits were a wonderful accompaniment.

Guka melaka milk tea was not really as thick as I expected. Rather thin actually, even for objective standards. But it depends on what you are looking for. Me, I was expecting a thick gula melaka syrup -- kind of like the brown sugar fresh milk that was all the rage a few months back. This isn't that, but if you like something more mild and moderate, this might be for you!

Ordered the Gula Melaka Milk Tea and Lychee Rose Earl Grey Tea.

Gula Melaka Milk Tea has perfect amount of gula melaka. Ordering large can be a little gelat but medium would be fine. It’s a little on the creamy and sweeter side but it’s still fragrant. Not a huge fan of creamy heavy drinks so it’s 3.5/5!

Lychee Rose Early Grey Tea is a refreshing drink perfect for the hot Singapore weather. The sweet lychee node rushes through you right at the start, giving way to a rose middle node. The earl grey after taste lingers in your mouth to complete this wonderful drink. Highly recommended and 5/5!!!

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got the lemon mint tea as i wanted to have a milk-free drink option! the lemon and mint combination was delicious! pineapple passionfruit tea had really nice texture and was refreshing & unique :—)


For oreo & milk lovers, the Oreo Milk Bubble is the bombz!! They are generous with the crushed oreo bits. The milk is fresh and pearls are small and chewy too. 3 Bros Milk Tea is normal milk tea (a bit on the sweet side though- didn’t get to choose sweetness level) with 3 different toppings- pearls, grass jelly and pudding. Paid $4 in total using BB 1-For-1. Would come back again for the oreo milk bubble!