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From the Burpple community

☺️😊 Thank you Burpple! Looking forward to discovering more sexy new food haunts through the app and attending the über fantastic #BurppleTastemaker Eatups! #Burpple


Horrified by the notion of eating only Bak Kwa and mandarin oranges for two days straight? Or not celebrating this very red season and feeling grumpy that the world seems to shut down during CNY? FRET NOT. The Burpple editorial team has handpicked for you the best venues which remain open during CNY where you can seek refuge. You can thank us with red packets, but we also accept good photo reviews on Burpple. ;) Link is up on our bio! #Burpple

Scroll through the Categories on the Burpple app for inspiration! From Pizza to Sushi, let Burpple help you narrow down your food choices, and then browse through the places which are recommended in that Category! One Burppler had never heard of “Mookata” before seeing it listed under the Categories, and was sufficiently educated after looking at the pictures of different Mookata joints - true story. Photo by #BurppleTastemaker Jacq Ong #Burpple

The utter greed of fish tossers shoving the delicious sashimi into their mouths like the world is ending mortify the hoity-toity lobster, who trots out of the platter in a huff.


Yes, the Newly Opened list for July is now up on Stay in-the-know with our weekly updates to the list! #sgfood