317 Alexandra Road
IKEA Alexandra
Singapore 159965

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i was in awe of the fast service of the staff there to serve this to me.. and this looked prettyy healthyy to me.. though tad expensive, but not surprisingg cos its salmon after all.. all in all a great first visit there and i will definitelyy go there again duringg myy lunch break..

Here we have a poached salmon fillet drizzled with a rich cream sauce, with sides of seasonal vegetables and lightly grilled cheese and vegetable stuffed potato cakes, courtesy of IKEA (need more chicken wings).

Chicken wings + meatballs + siomai + salad +cake for $26

My first experience in IKEA was totally amazing, surprisingly all food was superb. Meatballs with jam was so unusual being an Asian but its really taste good, its a mix and match. Everyone loves chocolate cake and I swear IKEA chocolate cake is really a must try, it’s moist chocolateyyyy perfection. It’s so rich with the perfect balance of fluffy and fudgy.

Will always love IKEA for its chicken wings (6 pcs for $8) and meatballs (15 pcs for $8.50) 😋 salmon fillet ($9.90) is also not bad - I enjoy their veggy medallions whenever they have them. The almond butterscotch cakes ($3.50) are pretty decent too!

Almost certainly you’ll see every table ordering these beauties and you wouldn’t blame them. I’ve had the meatballs in Sweden, and while it’s not as good... IKEA does a pretty good job with the dish. Be sure to ask for more of that ligon berry sauce !

Once again I'm impressed by IKEA Resturant. Not only is the chicken skin well roasted the meat is moist, tender and tasty. Even the breast meat is tasty. Better than some roast chicken joint. Although it's a spring chicken it's big enough for two small eaters. It comes with fries and vegetables but I prefer vegetables. Anyway it's really yummy tummy yum yum.

I was unsure if it's good but I was surprised. The meat was tender and tasty. Plus the serving was big considering I paid $12.90 for the dish. Will come back again soon.

Kinda plain but I guess they're healthy and affordable! As an add-on @$1.50!

A delicious mess! Instead of potatoes doused in sauce, Ikea now serves its fabulous baked salmon with wheat pilaf( what's in it? I don't know!) doused in sauce! #burpple

mad queue but food alright only. and they ran out of chicken wings :/

The famous discounts at IKEA is back and closing this weekend was chicken wings at $0.50 per piece. On this table alone was 30 pieces of chicken wings, 30 meatballs, ribs and 2 plates of almond chocolate pie. All these for 4 guys. While the discounts are there, the chicken was fried quite nicely but still slightly sticky when handled and the fairly good pricing made the meal relatively cheap, the journey to gobble down all this food was uphill and arduous with regret 😨Too much of a good thing can be bad, so they said.

The good news is that the $1 for 10 meatballs will start tomorrow until 12th May. So if meatball is your thing, be sure to join the long queues starting this week.

Here's the chocolate almond cake ($3.50) and two deep fried popiah ($1.20 for 2) and black coffee ($0.50). We wanted a mix of both salty and sweet and I think we definitely got it.
Deep fried popiah were crispy, with vegetable and potato fillings. Chocolate almond cake was superb, tasted like Kinder Bueno but in a cake version and look at the pretty layers of the cake, well at least I'm a sucker for good cakes. 🍰
Oh and, how was your Saturday? Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share your meals with us! We want to know what you'll be having! Stay belling growing everyone! ▫️
#dessert #chocolate #cake #fried #ikea #yummy

We got a few things when we visited the IKEA restaurant in Alexandra. But we made sure we got the best sellers: The Meatballs, Chicken Wings, and the Almond Butterscotch Cake :) The meatballs were good by itself, but it was the bomb with the sauce that comes with it. The chicken was perfectly fried but soft and juicy on the inside. And the cake was just sinfully good. It's like eating a Ferrero but in cake form. Definitely something to come back to, and we only spent about SGD15 a person :) A must try when in Singapore :)

New menu. Had to try it 😋😄 tastes as good as the beef ones; lest they were really the beef ones? I said chicken tho 😅 Before even trying the classic beef balls, I'd have never thought that the brown meat sauce would go with a fruit jam! They proved me wrong big time, it turned to be one of the greatest combi ever!!! Could never imagine meat sauce without the lingonberry jam now! 😊😋☺️

Balls made of a mix of corn, spinach (?), red peppers. Tasted kinda average 👌🏼though the lighting is good there, this was without any filter 📸

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