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11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

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11:30am - 03:00pm
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11:30am - 03:00pm
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11:30am - 03:00pm
05:30pm - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Check out these delicious Indonesian bento sets we had for lunch recently, that was ordered and delivered from IndoChili:

~Nasi Kuning Rendang Set ($18)
~Ayam Goreng Kremes Set ($14)
~Ayam Besengek Set ($15)
~Gado Gado Set ($12)

The set that I had was the Nasi Kuning Rendang Set, and I really enjoyed it! The beef rendang was well-seasoned and very flavorful, while the turmeric rice was tasty and aromatic! My parents had the other 2 Ayam (chicken) sets, and they were full of praise for their respective sets as well! These sets all came with fiery sambal balacan chili that was super shiok too! Lastly, we shared the Gado Gado Set, and we loved the peanut sauce that tasted so rich and not watery!

If you’re keen to order their food or check out their menu for delivery, you can do so at https://shor.by/indochili. Islandwide delivery is available, and there’s free delivery for orders above $70. Or if you’re fully vaccinated, you can head down to any of their 2 outlets to dine in instead.


It's slightly different from before. The tahu is still chopped up but there's tau gey this time lol. I was less blown away, but it's still a must-order here.

Their rendang is cooked for four hours. I found it good but nothing special. The satay left a better impression this time.

My family enjoy Indonesian cuisine but certainly not the food here. Everything was too sweet. The food doesn’t taste like what they’re generally supposed to because there’s just too much sugar in every dish served, it overpowers the original taste of the food. We ordered Es Delima since it’s our go to dessert - it was instant regret at first sip. Ambience was great but will we never come back again. Bill was about $241 for 5 of us.

Not my thing as only the gula melaka(according to the waitress, I tot it was gula jawa) and jackfruit was sweet. The gula melaka was fantastic though and overall it was of a decent quality

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Requires a bit of chew but it releases the buttery aroma and cinnamon notes. Rather smooth texture and rather lovable if you're not looking for sth melt in your mouth