IPPUDO (Mandarin Gallery)

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Located in Mandarin Gallery, Ippudo SG is poised to be an upscale and modern ramen brasserie experience where diners can enjoy many types of authentic Japanese dishes before tucking into a bowl of hearty ramen.

333A Orchard Road
#04-02/03/04 Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897

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11:00am - 09:20pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 09:20pm

11:00am - 09:20pm

11:00am - 09:20pm

11:00am - 09:20pm

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Their prices are high because they are known as a premium chain, and the food quality is decent

The pork fats were very tender and indulgent without being overly gelat. Soup was quite decent, it's not super thick, almost like a shio base mix.

Noodles were super thin, not my kind of thing but definitely go with the hard as people rec because it cooks in the broth.

Char siu has bite but it's sliced thin enough to work well

I don't like the spicy paste. It's earthy like mushrooms (although it's not, seems like just beans). Not particularly good on its own and doesn't work well w the soup either.

Overall not impressed. Esp not for this price

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Went for the special as it comes with more ingredients, including more slices of pork. I wouldn't go for the other versions of shiromaru as I feel the serving size at Ippudo is small and those would not be enough for me. I think Ippudo is most suited for those who love tonkatsu broth, but dont want it to be overly rich and creamy (like at Hakata Ikkousha).

However, at $21++, it is rather expensive for a bowl of ramen in Singapore.

πŸ₯’ Served with Pork Belly Chashu, Black Fungus, Egg and Spring Onions

🧾 SGD$18.00

✍🏻 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†γ€˜8/10γ€™

πŸ’¬ There are a lot of bias-ness surrounding IPPUDO as it is one of the more popular ramen chains around. It is a decent bowl of ramen, sure, but this particular branch lacks consistency. I have had disappointing experiences here before. That being said, their worst is still the minimum gauge of what I feel a standard tonkotsu ramen should taste like. Their Hakata-style noodles were on point with an easy-to-drink light pork bone broth. The pork slices however had no wow factor and tasted as it is. All in all, you cannot go wrong with IPPUDO!

Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam Ramen, $25 from π—œπ—£π—£π—¨π——π—’ β €
β €
πŸ“Only available at these 3 π—œπ—£π—£π—¨π——π—’ outlets from 17-23 Dec 2020:β €
- Mandarin Gallery, unit 04-02β €
- The Star Vista, unit 02-19β €
- Gucco Tower, unit 01-15β €
β €
β €
To celebrate & mark π—œπ—£π—£π—¨π——π—’ 11th year since they first opened a Singapore outlet, they arrange a special collab with our local celebrity Li Nanxing to create a limited edition ramen - Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam Ramen 🍜. This collab is known as LNX X π—œπ—£π—£π—¨π——π—’ and it will only be available for a short period of time from 17th to 23rd Dec 2020 at the 3 stores stated above.β €
β €
The ramen consists of π—œπ—£π—£π—¨π——π—’β€™s signature rich Tonkotsu broth with miso paste, Li Nanxing Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam, lime on the side for an additional tangy taste, fragrant garlic oil infused with sambal and a huge slab of flame-seared Chashu. When served, we were told to taste the broth first, then stirred everything in except the lime, and lastly squeeze in the lime for a tangy taste. Broth is very delicious and it tasted a lil like Tom yam soup too! A very local and unique taste, which got us hooked to it! Texture of noodles can be customised upon ordering, soft, medium, hard, our preference is soft noodles. Chashu came in a huge slab, flamed-seared beautifully, super tender and soft! We loved it so much and would totally visit it soon again before it ends. β €
β €
β €
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Recently ate at Ippudo again after what feels like years (too many ramen places in SG to try!) and so this time around we ordered something different (but not new to their menu) - the salmon roll. What can I say, mentaiko is always a pleasure to eat and the one here really had a deep charred flavour! Plating was impressive too.