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Dishes served with steamed rice usually consist of beef rendang or lemak chicken, sambal goreng, begadil, paru etc.

I'll be honest - I haven't had many Nasi Ambengs since they reached our shores and propagated their presence to restaurants islandwide. But this one felt really…inferior for some reason.

Most of the side dishes here, except for fried chicken, were really lacklustre with respect to taste. The flavours were feeble, blatantly shy of being memorable. And wow that bergedel was all kinds of wrong as it was painfully bland and diabolically dry…it's the antipode of a good one, so that was unfortunate. 🙁 (4.2/10)


Feel so high with this Mee Soto. The soup is soooo Sedap ! Tak boleh tahan ! Nasi Lemak or this? Cannot choose! So I decided to take ... BOTH !!! What a breakfast . I'm at my zen right now ... burpp!!!

Old school Fried Chicken Wing. Another hidden gem Nasi Lemak @ tampines. Their sambal goes perfectly well with their rice. Sedap ! Must try!!!

A Malay version of the French Crepes, made with a light batter of Flour, Eggs, Coconut Milk & Tumeric Powder and cooked in a way that it looks very lace-like (or some might say like a net or spiderweb). Tastes great when accompanied with Spicy Chicken Curry.


gado-gado with really delish peanut sauce. two thumbs up