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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * iSteamboat is Singapore’s very first healthy family steamboat restaurant that provides healthy high-quality, sustainable food.


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the 4-tiered ones at @isteamboatmarina offer three ways to cook your food (steam, grill, boil) and one tier for cheese 😍 or salted egg yolk dip.
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Went to try the 4 tier pagoda steamboat today☺️
Options were plenty with different seasonings of meat such as tomyum, barbeque, korean fusion, extra spicy etc. There were also seafood items such as bamboo clams, lala, mussels, sotong, prawn and fish!

There were many other ingredients too(which you can check out their menu), alongside drinks and icecream! Had a great feast😋

The good thing about this place is theres no time limit, thus my friends and I ate for 2.5 hrs haha insane😜

2 soup bases and 1 dip could be selected. We chose the pork bone broth and the tomyum soup. I personally wouldnt recommend the pork bone broth as it didnt suit my tastebuds(not that im picky, it just tasted a little weird). The tomyum soup was not bad tho!

Overall the buffet was an 7/10 for me as there are plenty of options, but for the price of $22++ before gst during weekday lunch, its a lil steep but a great 4 tier steamboat experience☺️💯👍🏻


Wanted to share about this place with $8.80 porridge buffet cos I was quite impressed with their dishes variety and food standard. Dishes are all hot, and they continually replace the dishes with new ones once they run out, couldn’t really pinpoint any dishes that were not up to standard. My 2 folks were thoroughly satisfied 👍🏻👍🏻


Might be because today was a busy day but they used to scoop 1 scoop of ice cream for you, while they just gave u a cup and let you go crazy today. The mint choc was super hard but the durian ice cream was surprisingly good, being really soft and pungent enough. Cookies and cream was damn tasteless though


Quite a generous amount of meat for its price, about 100gm and there's actually some variety of ingredients, with mushrooms, sausage, cabbage, fishball etc. Ordered pork but got beef instead; luckily the beef wasn't too tough though. Got the imperial soup base which was sweet, but forgot to try it before any ingredients were thrown in lolz. One thing good about them apart from the price is the fire, it heats up the soup to a boil quickly and then manages to soften the cabbage within 15mins as well. Impressive

You didn't see this wrongly, it really costs just $8.80 (on weekends and PH) to enjoy the teo chew porridge buffet here at iSteamboat! 24 different side dishes are available on a daily basis, with your common suspects of stewed pork, braised beancurd, fried eggs, and vegetables. Just grab however much porridge you desire and pile on the assortment of side dishes and garnishes to your heart's content.

While most of the dishes are nothing spectacular, they're the good ol' classic, comfort food you may need to feel a little better. The porridge was great for not being overcooked/mushy, and the fried eggs and braised/stewed dishes were pretty delicious too. Surprisingly, all my family members said that their luncheon meat is super tasty LOL In addition, 4 other carbohydrates are also available if you're not into their porridge.

Finally, ice-cream, Chinese desserts, fruits and drinks are free-flow too. What a great deal this is.